Tickle your taste buds with fresh & flavourful rolls from Roll Out in Lucknow

Tickle your taste buds with fresh & flavourful rolls from Roll Out in Lucknow

With a plethora of options to choose from, Roll Out is all set to become Lucknow's favourite roll place soon

Offering the most scrumptious food rolled to fit your fist, Roll Out is here in Lucknow with the best of on-the-go grubs. Being the perfect any-time snack, rolls have a huge fan following everywhere. And with a plethora of options to choose from, including vegetarian and meaty delicacies, Roll Out is sure to become Lucknow's new 'Roll' model soon.

Rolling out happiness, one roll at a time!

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With Roll Out now open for the public, Lucknow has a new hangout destination for all the foodies! So if you are craving a flaky laccha paratha rolled with mouth-watering fillings spiced up by the typical Indian masala, you have to head to this coolest hub of rolls ASAP. From four different options for their soft, juicy and tasteful paneer rolls to six variants of dilli ka mashhoor soya chap roll, special Veg Noodle Roll, Mushroom Masala Roll and more, Roll Out has literally gone ALL OUT in their expansive vegetarian menu. If you are a certified foodie looking out for something different, we recommend you to try their exclusive and chef's special- Veg Roll Out Special Roll.

If you think that's all, hang on, for we haven't even touched their non-vegetarian section yet! With a three-page menu presenting all kinds of meaty rolls that one can think of, Roll Out is a must-visit place for anyone who's in love with food. Choose your favourite filling spanning across various varieties of Egg, Chicken and Mutton. From the OG of rolls- the Egg Roll to the Punjab special- Butter Chicken Roll and the minced Mutton Keema Roll, each roll oozes out with tender and flavourful fillings with a dash of spices. Again, if you're a certified foodie who is on the lookout for something different, try their chef's special non-veg Roll Out Special Roll. You are welcome!

Roll Out's Shawarma, straight from Lebanon to Lucknow

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The wait for having an authentic Shawarma in Lucknow is now finally over! Roll Out is rolling out favours to all of the foodies who missed having a good shawarma here (including us). Roll Out's Chicken Shawarma Roll is going to blow your mind with its finger-licking filling that retains the authentic Lebanese flavours and tastes nothing less than magic! The shawarma here, is cooked in the real middle eastern way with freshly stacked spice-marinated chicken slowly roasting on the rotisserie for hours, basting in its own juices. Just like the Avengers, assemble your gang of friends and recreate the post-credit shawarma eating session now!

Tickle your taste buds with freshly made rolls!

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Apart from their rolls that will make you go om-nom-nom with every bite, there's another reason why you're gonna love Roll Out as much as we do! Unlike other food joints, this eatery makes every roll right from the scratch, as they do not use any kind of frozen products. This makes it safe for people to take their tastebuds on a ride without worrying about the harms of preservatives and dated frozen products. This is why we recommend everyone, even the health-conscious diet lovers to indulge in a love affair with fresh rolls at Roll Out!

Fun Fact- Not only does Roll Out use fresh products for all its offerings, but they also make their own Pita bread for their Shawarmas as well! It is not without any reason that we love their fresh and flavourful Shawarma roll so much!

Heavy for the belly, light for the pocket!

If you're planning to roll out to this new buzz of the town right away but your end-of-the-month pocket is weighing you down, we have got your back! Even though these rolls look and taste like a million dollars, they don't cost that much at all! With its veg and non-veg rolls starting from just 45, this pocket-friendly joint is the holy grail that the ever-so-broke students of Lucknow needed! We say an affordable menu like this calls for a roll marathon or even a battle of rolls between your friends. So, what are you waiting for, holler up your pals and binge on!

Knock Knock

If these chilly winter evenings have turned you into a slacker, hold on, for we have some good news for you as well! Apart from the picture-perfect dine-in, Roll Out offers a no-contact delivery option for all the lazy bears as well! Simply contact them on the following number or place an order on Swiggy.

Contact: 84333 28344

Location: Narayan Plaza, LGF 19,20,21, near Engineering College Chauraha, Jankipuram, Lucknow

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