Lucknow RTO issues a 30 day deadline to renew vehicle registration

Lucknow RTO issues a 30 day deadline to renew vehicle registration

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The Lucknow Regional Transport Office issued a circular on Wednesday that mandates the registration renewal of all vehicles that have completed 15 years of registration. As per the order, a time period of 30 days has been given to the owners to fulfil the task. Along with this, all the vehicles that are unfit for usage after 15 years, shall be surrendered to the authorities. An efficiency test will be conducted to determine which motor vehicles are unfit for use on public roads.

Deadline to renew registration-

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The enforcement officers have been further directed to check and control the number of unregistered vehicles or those with invalid registrations on the city roads. A fine as high as ₹5,000 on first offence and ₹10,000 on the subsequent offence would be taxed upon those that have unregistered vehicles.

Knock Knock

This order is being viewed as an attempt to check the pollution control and engine efficiency of older cars plying on the city roads. The high fine charges further ensure the strict enforcement of the order.

So, get your vehicles registered within the given time period and save yourselves from any hassles, later.

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