Lucknow's first Indie Music Fest by Knocksense is happening TONIGHT at Dayal Gateway, see you there!

Lucknow's first Indie Music Fest by Knocksense is happening TONIGHT at Dayal Gateway, see you there!

Become a part of the most riveting party in Lucknow with us tonight!

Listen up people, Lucknow's first-ever Indie Music Fest is finally happening!

Some of the most celebrated indie-music artists are all set to perform in your city at The Indie Music and Beer Festival, starting 4:30 PM today. So, get ready to enjoy an evening full of music, food and drinks at this kickass Pop Out Loud event by Knocksense, that will turn your Saturday into SaturYAAY, tonight!

1.. 2.. 3.. Sound Check!

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Moving ahead with another first, Knocksense is back with yet another event in Lucknow, offering a whole new musical experience to the city folks! After successful rounds of D Flea Affair and Pop Out Loud, The Indie Music & Beer Fest is only going to add all the more vibrance to Lucknow's party scenes!

From the Rab Rakha fame The Yellow Diary, singer Ashwin Adwani, folk-music junkie Rahgir, Chand Baliyaan fame Aditya A. and Lucknow's very own indie-pop band AB & Aryaman, this music fest is sure going to be a star-studded affair!

Also, when here, you don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight, 'cause as always, Knocksense has got you back! When here, you don't just get entitled to all the fun but also get 5 drinks ON THE HOUSE! You can choose from BIRA or other non-alcoholic beverages as well!

Knock Knock

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Save yourself from some major FOMO by ensuring you become a part of this historic fest that is guaranteed to transform how Lucknow parties from now on! Also, to the sleepyheads who haven't booked their passes yet, all hope is not lost! If you haven't booked your passes yet, there will be a special walk-in registration at the event itself. See you soon!

Location: Dayal Gateway, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

Timings: 4:30 PM onwards

Phase 3 Ticket price:

  • SELECT, SELECT MINI members- ₹500
  • Platinum members- ₹1100
  • Offer for new users- ₹1800 ( Platinum membership + Ticket)

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