UP Schools reopen today for 6-8 graders after a 6-month hiatus!

UP Schools reopen today for 6-8 graders after a 6-month hiatus!

Notably, schools were allowed to open their gates for the student of standards 9 to 12 on August 16.

In view of the controlled pandemic situation in Uttar Pradesh, offline school classes have reopened for students of grades 6 to 8 from today onwards. Almost 6 months after the schools were shut owing to the second wave of the pandemic, offline classes will now be conducted amid all safety protocols and precautionary measures. Notably, the state administration allowed schools to open their gates for the student of standards 9 to 12 on August 16.

Parents to ensure that their wards follow COVID norms after school hours

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While the state government had announced that the schools would reopen on Monday, the schedule got shifted for a day due to observance of state mourning following the demise of former Chief Minister Kalyan Singh. Now, the offline classes are being resumed after nearly all schools in Lucknow received consent from 50-55% of the parents, who have no problems in sending their wards to the school.

After the resumption of offline classes, the Unaided Private School Association (UPSA) has requested the parents and guardians to make sure that their wards follow COVID norms once the school gets over. Subsequently, the organisation has appealed to the parents to make sure that the pupils do not gather in groups on the streets after school timings.

UPSA president Anil Agarwal said, "We take full responsibility for following safety norms inside the campus but at the same time, request parents and students to take responsibility after school hours. The number of students coming to campus will increase from Tuesday hence it is everybody's responsibility that there is no crowding before and after school timings."

- With inputs from IANS

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