Lucknow shivers at 9.7 degree Celsius, experiences the coldest November since 2017!

Lucknow shivers at 9.7 degree Celsius, experiences the coldest November since 2017!

Clear skies and low humidity turn Lucknow's weather chilly this November.

As per weather reports, Lucknow is experiencing the coldest November in three years, with temperatures falling rapidly below average. Looming two degrees below normal temperatures, Lucknow recorded a low 9.5 degree morning temperature on Monday, lower than the 11 degrees dew point.

Coldest November in 3 years

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The sweater weather has set its chills in the city of Nawabs, who woke up to the coldest November morning since 2017. After last year's record of lowest 12.6 degrees on November 20, 2018's 10.2-degrees celsius and 2017's 8 degrees on November 24, mercury drops to single digits with clear skies and low humidity in the city this year.

These low temperatures have been trending as a state phenomenon, other districts including Kanpur have recorded decade's lowest temperatures with 10 degrees celsius. Night temperatures fell below the average by 4 degree Celsius in Varanasi, with a temperature of 9.4 degree Celsius. This minimum mercury is reportedly Kashi's lowest temperatures in 10 years. Agra's lowest temperatures have reached 9.4 degrees as well.

Experts have pointed out the annual snowfall at Himachal's higher altitude to be the primary cause of low temperatures, thought experts are perplexed at the unusual single-digit temperatures, in the month of November. According to the IMD website, Lucknow clocked its coldest November on November 29, 1952 with 3.9 degrees celsius.

Lucknow's IMD Director has pointed out that a dual factored circumstance is yielding low temperatures in the capital. City's bare cloud cover along with cold sweeps from the Himalayan region is helping the heat to dissipate faster than usual, settling the cold and furnishing lower temperatures.

As per weather prediction, Lucknow's highest temperatures will touch the 23 degree mark today, with hazy sunshine. Air quality will be poor throughout, indexed at 238 units. People are requested to take adequate measures to counter both, the biting cold and the polluted air.

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