From cakes to croissants, The Rolling Pin is baking all your favourite treats in Lucknow!

From cakes to croissants, The Rolling Pin is baking all your favourite treats in Lucknow!

Baking true happiness& plum delights just for you!

The secret to having a great day lies in devouring a flavourful spread and if you agree, this news might just be a sweet dream come true for all you foodies in town. There’s a new cloud kitchen in Lucknow and its whisking delightful items exclusively for you. So if you’ve got any plans to savour the best, in the sanctity of your homes - it’s time to turn your heads to The Rolling Pin ASAP!

Baking the world batter

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Dear lovers of all things sweet, it’s time you fall for the charms of The Rolling Pin, a cloud kitchen in Lucknow that’s not only kneading the joys of hearty desserts but also serving them with perfection! From the traditional items to modern recipes, here you'll find it all! And to make the deal a whole lot sweeter for you, they are also delivering drool-worthy food right at your doorstep.

Up for grabs is the crafted creaminess of opera pastries and cutesy macarons, the wholesome buttery croissants, crusty Baguettes, loaves of white, multigrain & brown bread and much more -all available for delivery. Adding more, The Rolling Pin also offers the flexibility of customising cakes and bakes for you for various occasions, just how you like it.

Well, the taste and quality of your favourite desserts is not the only thing this cloud kitchen is assuring you guys! This cloud kitchen prepares each and every product with the utmost care, while also ensuring prime hygiene standards. And when the offering is straight from the creators of the much-loved Awadh Tales in Lucknow, you know you have nothing to worry about!

Knock Knock

Did you hear that knock? It’s The Rolling Pin and they’ve got your delivery to your doorstep. Trust us, indulging in this delish dessert drive is now really that simple and all you've gotta do is open doors! So what's got you waiting? Get to your phones and place your order now!

Delivery available via Swiggy and Zomato
Timings: 12 noon to 11 PM

Contact: 7800004055

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