5 new hospitals to soon foster better medical aid across remote areas in Lucknow

5 new hospitals to soon foster better medical aid across remote areas in Lucknow

People living in isolated areas of Lucknow will no longer have to make runs to urban health centres for minor ailments.

In a bid to augment the medical infrastructure in Lucknow, the district administration station has decided to set 5 new hospitals, including a mother and child care centre, in various remote areas. This will foster better aid to people living in isolated regions, saving them from making several runs to urban health centres for the treatment of minor ailments. As per reports, all arrangements for the hospitals are completed and their inauguration is slated soon.

New hospitals to save patients' time

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Reportedly, the 5 new hospitals are set to come up at the Behti Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Sarojini Nagar, Adilnagar PHC in Faizullaganj, Behta Community Health Centre (CHC), Mahdoiya PHC in Malihabad along with a 50-bed mother and child care unit at Gosaiganj. These centres are set to bridge the lack of government-run medical facilities in rural areas, augmenting better treatment facilities for the rural population.

Around 30 beds will be installed at the CHCs while 4 beds will be stationed at the PHCs, read reports. According to the Chief Medical Officer of Lucknow, Dr. Manoj Agarwal, the 50-bed MHC at Gosaiganj will offer the maximum health provisions to the beneficiaries. All general, OPD services, as well as surgical aid, will be available here for the benefit of the people living in remote areas. This centre will also be equipped to cater treatment to critically ill pregnant women.

Presently, pregnant mothers diagnosed with adverse issues seek treatment in community health centres. Patients are also referred to Dufferin Hospital, Veerangana Jhalkari Bai Women and Child Hospital and Queen Marys Hospital in the city, for further assistance. The new centre at Gosaiganj will provide services to such patients and shoulder the rising patient load in urban hospitals and medical centres.

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