Flyover being constructed at Husainganj

Kapil Roy

With the vehicular density at its highest, traffic in Lucknow is currently at its worst. The long jams and the never-ending roadblocks make everyday life difficult for the people of the city. Commuting becomes a nightmare especially during rush hours when most of the city is on the roads, either trying to head to work or away from it. To curb this perpetual issue in the city, the civic authorities are set to unveil a number of infrastructure projects this year.

Lucknow is expected get 3 new flyovers to curb traffic in the old city and several other infrastructure projects, which will come to fruition by the end of the year.

What's the update?

Flyover being constructed at HusainganjKapil Roy

When talking of infrastructure, 2020 is expected to be a big year for Lucknow. The city is expected to get 3 new flyovers which will ease the commute and share the load of traffic in the city.

The first of the three new flyovers will connect Husainganj, Bas Mandi, Naka Hindola and DAV College and is expected to be operational by the end of May. The second flyover is being constructed between Haiderganj Trisection and the turn near Meena Bakery is expected to be ready by June while the third flyover connecting Charak Chauraha to Haiderganj Chauraha and Charak Crossing to Vikram Cotton Mill Road will be ready by October.

According to a report by, this information was given by civic authorities to cabinet minister Rajnath Singh on his inspection of the work in Lucknow.

Apart from the flyover, Lucknow is also expected to get a new 12 kilometer 'Kisan Path' starting from Sultanpur Road, while a new mall- mini 'Connaught Place' (Phoenix Pallasio) is expected to be ready by March.

Knock Knock

In the past few years, Lucknow has been on a track of speedy development. The city has been progressing steadily towards its goal to make life easier and more comfortable for its residents and these development projects are a part of the same. Lucknow would hugely benefit from the upcoming flyovers and we cannot wait to not be stuck in traffic for hours at end.

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