Lucknow to soon welcome the 6th 'Oxygen Express' from Bokaro to foster COVID relief!

Lucknow to soon welcome the 6th 'Oxygen Express' from Bokaro to foster COVID relief!

Uttar Pradesh has set up a 24x7 monitoring committee to track and transport oxygen supplies in Lucknow & other districts.

Amid the paucity of oxygen supply in Lucknow, the supply inventories in the city are soon to be replenished with the aid of multiple resources. While the sixth 'Oxygen Express' RoRo service is already on its way along a priority corridor from Bokaro to Lucknow, the state has also helped to airlift two empty tankers to Jharkhand via Ranchi, to ferry medical grade oxygen. Parallelly, other districts of UP will also be able to resolve their oxygen shortage now as the state welcomed its largest-ever 600-tonne oxygen consignment on Wednesday.

Oxygen monitoring system

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The centre has allotted the maximum share of oxygen supply to Uttar Pradesh, at over 850 tonnes and to ensure the proper management and justified usage of this supply, the state has launched a 24x7 oxygen monitoring system in just one day's time! Touted to be the first-of-its-kind high-tech system in the country, this automated module aids to track the oxygen tankers in transit via roadways, railways as well as airways, Additional Chief Secretary (Home) informed.

As per his statement, this monitoring system set up by Rodic Consultants Pvt Ltd, has been integrated with a control room that comprises of senior associates from the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Medical Education, Medical Health and Family Welfare Department, Transport Department and officials of the police and Home Affairs.

This control room will provide real-time information on O2 demand in various district hospitals, allotment and loading of LMO in vehicles and their live locations, along with comprehensive data on supply and utilization of oxygen in the state.

Oxygen transport facilities

Further, the state has also boosted its transport service to ferry oxygen to different districts, hospitals and refilling centres. The ACS reportedly said that a fleet of about 84 tankers, instead of the earlier 30 services, has now been arranged to meet the increased department of oxygen supply. Tankers used to transport argon and nitrogen gas, have also been converted to distribute oxygen now. "We will provide police escort to tankers where possible and open a green corridor for quick transport," said the official.

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To reduce the turn around time, the state has sought the help of Railways and now, Oxygen Express is running several services to Lucknow. Reportedly, the sixth round of this RoRo service is about to reach Lucknow soon. Airways are also being used to help bolster the transport speed.

Audit of oxygen supplies

A working group of directors from premiere institutes from across UP, will help to audit the justifiable use of oxygen supply for medical purposes. Under the authority of the Home Secretary and the Chief Secretary of Medical Education, directors from IIT Kanpur, IIT-BHU, IIM Lucknow, AKTU Lucknow, HBTU Kanpur and other technical institutions, will work together for this. This committee will keep tabs on black marketing and other such ill practices related to the supply of liquid medical oxygen, with the help of an online system.

-With inputs from IANS

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