Citizens can now file complaints regarding wrongly issued traffic challans in Lucknow

Citizens can now file complaints regarding wrongly issued traffic challans in Lucknow

Department statistics show that 8% of wrong invoices are generated every day.

Implemented only recently, the digitised Integrated Traffic Management System in Lucknow has resulted in the issuance of several wrong challans in the city. While the advanced surveillance set-up keeps an automated check on all penalties and fines, most commuters in the city have reported the traffic charges as baseless or incorrect. In line with this, the Lucknow Traffic Department has issued challan helpline numbers and has created a provision to nullify the baseless claims too.

Automated traffic management systems create troubles for residents

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While the Integrated Traffic Management System has smoothened the vehicular flow in Lucknow, it has come with its own set of loopholes. Most of the time, people have been wrongly charged with a traffic penalty, such as not wearing a helmet in cars and parallelly, for a seatbelt violation. These issues usually arise in view of the automated algorithm of the CCTV surveillance system, read reports.

Besides e-challans, the incorrect manual challans also added to people's woes. Department statistics show that 8% of wrong invoices are generated every day. Even after following rules, people have to pay fines, which leads to great frustration among the citizens. "The point of a dedicated system is to ensure better management. But I was charged wrongly for just having earphones around my neck. They were not even plugged in or playing music", informed Nawaz from Lucknow.

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In this regard, the traffic police have established a challan suspension system for the benefit of daily travellers. Reportedly, if necessary documentation is submitted, the penalty charge can be cancelled within 24 hours. A boon for citizens, this arrangement will ensure that vehicle owners do not need to deal with on-duty officials, visit police stations or courts.

Helpline numbers to solve traffic challan grievances

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Many times vehicle owners do not even know whether they have been challaned or where the challan is to be settled - in the traffic line in the police station or went to the court. For this, designated helpline numbers have also been listed by the traffic department. These include 9454405155, 6389304141 and 6389304242.

These numbers can also be used by other people if they feel they have been wrongly charged, informed the ADCP Traffic SK Singh. Additionally, people who were challaned for not wearing a helmet, despite following the rules can reach out to the concerned officials via helpline WhatsApp and submit relevant papers along with a copy of the challan. These issues will also be resolved within 24 hours after investigation. These services and helplines are a means to help people who get wrongfully challaned and will help create a robust management system, bolstering traffic safety in Lucknow.

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