Lucknow under special surveillance due to constant COVID rise; 6,000+ test positive in 6 days

KGMU Vice Chancellor and about 40 other doctors, fully vaccinated against COVID-19, test positive in Lucknow

Alarmed by the resurgence of Coronavirus in Lucknow, the city is under the special surveillance of health teams by orders of the Chief Minister. In the last 6 days, the state capital has reported over 6000 fresh infections, raising the infection graph and concern among authorities here. Besides Lucknow, Kanpur, Prayagraj, Varanasi and Gorakhpur are also under close scrutiny for yielding over 50% of the state's case share.

The Lucknow COVID scenario

On Tuesday, around 1,188 new COVID-19 cases were found in Lucknow, which included the Vice-Chancellor of KGMU and 40 other doctors here who had received both the doses of coronavirus vaccine. Reportedly, this is the second time that the KGMU Vice-Chancellor has tested COVID-19 positive since August last year.

The infected lot at KGMU includes 20 doctors from the general surgery department, 9 from the urology department and 3 from the department of medicine. Others include the health superintendent and members of the staff. The hospital is also screening all staff members who have complained about influenza-like symptoms.

Medical defence against COVID-19

A minister in the state government in a press conference highlighted that the UP government is prepared to eliminate the COVID-19 threat. The Health Department and Chief Minister are constantly reviewing the medical systems to ensure that each positive patient receives the best possible and timely treatment. Besides this, the supply of necessary medical equipment and deployment of the required workforce is also being micro-managed by the state to ensure the COVID withdrawal.

The Health Education Minister said that UP houses a proper healthcare infrastructure in place, with 1.5 lakh hospital beds, nodal officers at each COVID care facility and an adequate number of experts to deal with the situation. He also stated that all eligible beneficiaries should immediately get the COVID jab as soon as possible. All people over the age of 45 years, healthcare officials and frontline workers can get the COVID-19 vaccine in UP, as per the orders of the Union Governemnt.

Explore the tranquil side of Lucknow as you walk along THESE 5 ghats of River Gomti!

Every ghat in Lucknow offers a different aspect for visitors to explore.

As per folklore, the story of Lucknow traces its origins to the times of Ramayan and expanding upon this rich cultural heritage, are the ghats of Gomti River, situated in Lucknow. Famous among locals for their architectural nuances and placid scenery, these ghats play myriad roles- ranging from cremation sites to backdrops for film shootings.

Hence, it is only appropriate that a list of these tranquil banks is created, for all those who feel like exploring the City of Nawabs in its entirety. So tag along with us as we catalogue 5 of the famous ghats of Lucknow, that you should know about and visit when the situation permits!

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Walk-in vaccination allowed in Goa for 18-44 age group from June 13

The state authorities as yet, are aiming to vaccinate approximately 250 citizens daily.

To foster rife immunisation against the COVID contagion in the state, the Goa government on Friday, undertook a resolution to launch Tika Utsav 3.0, from June 13 onwards. Additonally, holding the state's ultimate goal of achieving herd immunity in the near future, the authorities have now allowed walk-in registrations for the 18-44 age group. Further, the government is actively taking steps to ensure that the upcoming inoculation campaign covers 100% first dose inoculation for all citizens in the region.
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Ventilator beds to be set up at Lucknow's RMLIMS for infants amid fears of third wave

The hospital has deployed extensive efforts aiming to protect young lives, in every possible way.

Alarmed by the anticipation of the third pandemic wave and its expected effects on children, Lucknow's Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences had started multifaceted preparations. As per the latest developments, the healthcare centre will now be providing ventilator facilities for young infants weighing as little as 2.5 kgs. Usually, such resources are not available for newborns but the hospital has deployed extensive efforts aiming to protect lives, in every possible way.

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Know about Poee, the legend from Goa's 'breadtime' tales!

Here's a little history about this flour-dusted masterpiece and the places where you can find the best of it.

Amidst the natural bounties of Goa, are oodles of hyperlocal stories, secrets and facts, that are not too accessible by the travellers but to the locals of course. Several dishes, recipes, ingredients, constitute a significant part of these local tales. However, when people think of Goan cuisine, they seldom go beyond the grips of dishes that are a part of the mainstream coastal cuisine.

Visitors completely fail to recognize the importance of Goan varieties of bread in face of the state's inclination towards rice as a preferred side to their bowl of Xacuti or Sorpotel. Goan markets house several sorts of fresh bread but amidst all, Poee is the one which is well-regarded by all. Also spelt as Poi, here's a little history about this flour-dusted masterpiece and the places where you can find the best of it.

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Lucknow University staff to bear the educational expenses of pandemic-orphaned pupils!

The Vice Chancellor took the responsibility of one such student on Friday and appealed to other professors to take similar steps.

Initiating a new welfare program, it has been said that the Vice-Chancellor and other professors at Lucknow University will bear the educational expenses of students who have lost one or both parents to the pandemic. Under this scheme, the VC took the responsibility of one such student on Friday and requested other professors to take similar steps. As per reports, the Registrar, Chief Proctor and the Dean of the Students' Welfare Department will now bear expenses of one child each.

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Local train services halt across some major routes in Mumbai due to heavy downpours!

As per the Central Railway, the speed of trains have been reduced along certain lines, in view of the rains.

With the early arrival of the monsoons, heavy rains have enveloped the city of Mumbai, causing obstructions across a range of daily public activities. As per the latest developments, the continuous downpour has interrupted the run of local trains at some major spots in the city. Reportedly, the services were suspended between the Dadar-Kurla stretch due to elevated water levels and the operations were also stopped at Sion in view of the waterlogging.

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