200 new teachers to be hired via the upcoming recruitment drive at Lucknow University!

200 new teachers to be hired via the upcoming recruitment drive at Lucknow University!

The LU management will conduct recruitment for the posts of Professor, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor.

In order to fill the vacant positions across various departments, Lucknow University will soon roll out the plans for the induction of nearly 200 teachers and academics. As per reports, the varsity administration will conduct recruitment for the posts of Professor, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor. It is expected that the schedule for online registrations will be announced soon and the process will be executed in alignment with the May 2021 orders.

Reformed recruitment process to be in line with the Raj Bhawan guidelines

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According to the new rules and regulations, aspirants for the post of assistant professor will have to sit for a written examination as a part of the selection process. Previously, the university authorities had started the registration process for filling 180 positions in September 2020. This procedure was halted after the Raj Bhawan gave out new guidelines in May 2020, in a bid to increase transparency.

Reportedly, some members of the faculty lost their lives during the second wave of the pandemic and now, a total of 200 positions are vacant at the institute. According to the records, 90, 70 and 40 vacancies are available for the posts of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor respectively. Those aspirants who had registered in the last schedule, will not be required to register again. They will only have to update the form and the management will make proper provisions for it.

Shortlised applicants to go through a 3-stage selection process

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As per reports, the tweaked recruitment policy incorporates a range of changes. According to the varsity administration, the selection process for the post of Assistant Professor will have three stages- written test, PPT presentation and interview. Once the registrations are completed, the process of scrutiny will be initiated.

Reportedly, the merit list will be released after a week and the subsequent rounds shall be conducted thereafter. As per reports, 40 marks are allotted to the written MCQ assessment and the PPT presentation each while the interview will carry 20 marks.

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