​Lucknow University: Online application for UG, PG & Diploma courses to begin from April 2

​Lucknow University: Online application for UG, PG & Diploma courses to begin from April 2

31 May is the last day to apply for admission at Lucknow University

The University of Lucknow is all set to start the admission process for the upcoming academic session 2022-23 from the first week of April. Students willing to study at LU can apply for the desired undergraduate, postgraduate or diploma courses by filling up the online form on the website. According to the Vice-Chancellor of LU, Prof. Alok Kumar Rai, May 31 is the last date to register for the entrance exams at the university.

8,000 seats up for grabs at LU

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Notably, there are a total of 8,000 seats across multiple subjects and courses that will be set out for registration this year. According to the university administration, the entrance exam will mostly be based on the MCQ format. All the information regarding the entrance examination will be updated on the official LU website. Students willing to take admission at LU can go through the official website of the university and apply for the same.

College for Vocational Studies coming up at Sitapur

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For the first time ever, LU is also set to start a College for Vocational Studies at Sitapur. At this new institute, students will be able to take up job-oriented practical courses starting from this session. In the last academic year, the application fees at LU was fixed at ₹800 for students from the general and OBC category while it was priced at ₹400 for SC-ST students. However, the fee for this year's admission registration has not been released yet.

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