Lucknow University creates history; receives highest NAAC rating

Lucknow University creates history; receives highest NAAC rating

Collective effort of the teachers, students and officials have resulted in an A++ rating from NAAC

The Lucknow University (LU) secured A++ grading by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) on Tuesday. NAAC assesses the overall educational systems along with the level of teaching in higher education institutions in India. Advanced learning, efficient teaching infrastructures and many more initiatives have helped the varsity achieve this.

Determination, Teamwork and Hard work reaps results

The university has been accredited with a cumulative grade point average of 3.55, on a seven-point scale at A++ grade, which is valid for a period of 5 years from July 26, 2022.

After years of dedication and innovative educational methods, Lucknow University finally achieved this feat. Jumping from a B grade by NAAC in 2014 to an A++ rating in 2022, was only possible because of the initiatives taken up by the University as well as the students in the past several years.

Determination, Team work, Hard-work and passion to achieve great heights have led the Lucknow University towards this commendable feat.

Prof. Poonam Tandon, Social Welfare department head

Several student-centric schemes aimed at ensuring an effective student-teacher connect, scholarship programmes, mental health and more have contributed to this achievement.

Schemes like TREE (Teaching, Reaching, Embolding and Evolving), Samvardhan, Karmayogi and Arpan have been changing the teaching and learning dynamics that have helped the students to learn better and achieve more.

LU scored 3.6 in curricular aspects, for teaching-learning and evaluation 3.53, for research, innovation and extension 3.56, for Infrastructure and learning resources 3.76, for student support and 3.32 for progression, for governance, leadership and management 3.28 and for innovations and best practices 3.75, taking the average points tally to 3.55 out of 4.

An opportunity for students

The highest level of rating accredited to the university is not only a symbol of prestige and prominence, but will also help students during their job placements. Considering the fact that there are just 28 universities in the country that hold such a high rating, and Lucknow University is now one of them, will attract more companies including, startups, MNCs and NCs to the university for placements.

This is great news for me, as it will not only add an additional value to my degree, but will also give me a chance to present myself in front of the best companies or organisations during placements.

Vikas Jaiswal, LU post graduate student

In the past several years, every level of education has been strengthened in the state with an aim to yield encouraging results. The A++ rating by the NAAC is a result of reforms that were introduced back in 2017 in the higher education sector of UP. And since then, the state has made a big leap in the field of education.

Additionally, the university has been inducting various schemes, aimed at student and social welfare. From a Happy Thinking lab to SLATE (a learning management system that ensures online education under the National Digital University mission), Lucknow University has targeted every aspect of student development.

With all this, the century-old university has now become the first state university from Uttar Pradesh to get A++ rating.

All of this was possible only because of the collective effort of the teachers, students and officials. Everyone put their best foot forward. No individual effort is good enough to get the highest ranking.

Prof. Poonam Tandon, Social Welfare department head

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