A 14-member committee set up in Lucknow University to take the decision regarding exams 2021

A 14-member committee set up in Lucknow University to take the decision regarding exams 2021

Special Committee of the LU will take the final call, in line with the government orders.

The Vice-Chancellor of the Lucknow University, Dr Alok Kumar Rai has set up a special 14 member committee to take the final decision regarding the examinations and promotion of the students. The committee will check the feasibility of conducting exams for third-year students and evaluate the promotion criteria for other batches, across all programmes.

This special body includes the Controller of Examinations, HODs of all departments along with the Principals of Mahila Vidhyalaya Degree college and Shia College and Superintendent of Examination, who are tasked to take the final call, in line with the government's orders.

Special Committee to announce the promotion strategy for 1st & 2nd year LU students

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The examinations committee has authorised the Lucknow University Vice-Chancellor to abide by the government norms with respect to the University Examination 2021. This basically instructs the varsity and affiliated colleges to promote students in various programmes and conduct the assessments of third-year students.

Streamlined with this, the Vice-Chancellor formed a special committee to devise the promotion strategy of the first and second years students of various departments and courses. Further, the specially constituted team will explore the possibility of conducting exams for the third year and postgraduate students, amid the COVID-19 fear. The university had earlier called off the examinations for first-year students.

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