Students of Lucknow University can now apply for part-time jobs under the new 'Karmayogi Scheme'

Students of Lucknow University can now apply for part-time jobs under the new 'Karmayogi Scheme'

LU's newly launched 'Karmayogi Scheme' enables students to work part-time and study on campus simultaneously.

In a bid to promote the overall development of students, the University of Lucknow has introduced an all-new provision where students can work part-time while focusing on their academics. Termed as the 'Karmayogi Scheme', this programme enables eligible candidates to work for two hours post their classes, for a maximum of 50 days. As per the statement of the Varsity Vice-Chancellor, students can earn up to ₹15,000 per annum, availing the benefits of this scheme.

The benefits of Karmayogi Scheme

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The Vice-Chancellor further stated that the University is working to strengthen its operational framework which pivots on its student body and like many other programmes, the Karmayogi Scheme, is a step forward towards this goal. The blueprints of the Karmayogi Scheme have rated each hour's service at ₹150, enabling each student-worker to earn a maximum of ₹15,000, through 2 hours of work for 50 days.

The Vice-Chancellor explained that the project will have 'far-reaching consequence' as it will promote a sense of responsibility among students while giving them an opportunity to explore their professional interests. Under the ambit of the varsity, this scheme will also ensure that no student gets exploited at work-places. Presently, the Karmayogi Scheme is limited for on-campus students only, stated the Vice-Chancellor, adding that all affiliated colleges should also induct similar programmes and initiatives in their curriculum as well.

Chhatra Kalyan Scholarship-

Besides the Karmayogi Scheme, LU has also flagged off the application procedure for the Chhatra Kalyan Scholarship. Interested candidates can download the pdf of the form and submit it at the Office of Dean Welfare, through respective Head-Director and respective Dean of the Faculty, by January 31, 2021, along with required documents.

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