Lucknow University to offer ₹15,000 scholarship to its financially deprived students

Lucknow University to offer ₹15,000 scholarship to its financially deprived students

Proposed to be initiated in all departments of the university, this scheme would benefit a large number of underprivileged students.

With its latest initiative, Lucknow University has brought cheering news for its students from economically weaker sections of the society. Under the Student Welfare Fund Scheme, the varsity shall provide a sum of ₹15,000 to its pupils, dealing with financial constraints, as stated by reports. According to sources, the only condition for this reward is that the student must score 60% or above marks in the university examinations.

Students to be offered jobs under the Karmyogi scheme of the university

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In addition to this, the project will also offer job opportunities for students, facilitating them with a source of income. Reportedly, the initiative shall be launched as a part of the Karmyogi scheme. Furthering the process of execution, the university has announced that it will roll out application forms for the availing of the advantages of this scheme soon. Proposed to be initiated for students in all departments of the university, these measures shall act to the benefit of a large number of individuals.

Amount of financial support increased in the tweaked policy

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While the policy was already in usage by the university administration, it has been tweaked to expand its assistance to a greater count of financially deprived students. Earlier, students from households with family incomes less than ₹2 lakh were eligible for getting the monetary benefits. Now, the bar of family income has been raised to ₹3 lakh allowing more students to get financial support from the institution.

Additionally, the amount of money has also been increased. Previously, a one-time amount of ₹5,000 was offered during the entire period of the academic course. Given the provisions entailed in the altered policy, this sum has been inflated to ₹15,000. Through these changes, the university authorities have extended the reach of welfare measures, assuring aid to as many students as possible.

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