Lucknow University student clinches silver medal in National Grappling Championship 2022

Lucknow University student clinches silver medal in National Grappling Championship 2022

For the first time, a student from Lucknow University won a silver in national grappling event.

Making a comeback after two years, a BA student from Lucknow University clinched the silver medal in the 71 kg Male, Nego style, grappling category in the 15th GFI National Grappling Championship 2022. Ariz Abidi, who had been practicing grappling for over 7 years, was finally recognised, as he became the first participant from Lucknow University to secure a silver medal in the National Grappling event.

Dedication can lead to fruitful results

The three-day national level tournament took place in Sonipat, Haryana and concluded on Sunday. While Abidi won a silver medal in the 71 kg category, Harveer Singh from Jammu & Kashmir won gold in the same category.

This is not Abidi's first achievement. In 2015, he represented India in the World Comeback series in Japan and Azerbaijan. However, due to injuries, Abidi couldn't win a medal. His setbacks never demotivated him, and he continued his training with a dedication that led him to the path of glory.

Speaking to the press, Ariz Abidi, said, "Winning the silver medal at a national level is like a dream come true for me. Now, my next goal is to make a mark internationally and win a gold in World Comeback Games which will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia."

"Support is all you need" - Ariz Abidi

It can be quite hard to fight back if you don't have the right type of training, and, for Abidi, things were quite challenging. During two years of the COVID outbreak, it was hard for him to be trained by professionals. He was in constant touch with his coaches, Manoj Khatri from SAI and GFI secretary Ravikant Mishra, who helped him train towards his goal.

Ariz trained himself for over two years without any external help and did not step back from the fight even once. His battles and his achievement were a tribute to his uncle who took care of him after his parents passed away.

I didn't have any coach but I was determined to make a mark nationally hence I decided to train myself. And for two long years, when everything was falling apart I trained myself in Lucknow University gymnasium for 5 hours everyday.

Ariz Abidi

Abidi mentioned that he was most inspired by the legendary wrestler Sushil Kumar. As per Abidi, Kumar was the sole reason he joined wrestling. During his journey, Abidi faced several setbacks, from his parents' death to COVID affecting his preparations, but his dedication and support from faculties, family members, coaches and an urge to make a mark kept his goal in focus.

Notably, Lucknow University's wholistic approach towards students' development has also been a reason for his success. In the past, Lucknow University has produced great talents across all fields.

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