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Lucknow woman delivers a healthy baby, winning against COVID & a rare immune disorder

Besides four units of platelets, the woman was supported by a ₹3 lakh drug, given free of cost!

Amid the state's battle against the pandemic, Lucknow's King George's Medical University is leading the fight, catering to a large count of patients from all over Uttar Pradesh. As per the latest developments, the doctors at the institute have added another feather to their cap by helping an infected pregnant woman, with a rare immune disorder, to deliver with ease. Giving birth to a healthy baby girl, the 35-year-old woman won against the virus and the odd disease.

A moment of joy & relief for the father and the family!

Affected by 'Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura' (ITP), Deepika Tiwari was in a critical stage at the time of her delivery. This disease annihilates the blood platelets, thereby causing internal bleeding from the skin. Despite the uncertainties, the care and treatment by KGMU doctors aided the patient with a protected procedure.

After delivering the baby through C-section surgery, the mother and the child were both stable and healthy and they have been discharged now. Shailendra Tiwari, the father of the newborn was overjoyed to hear the good news. He recounted that tears rolled out of his eyes when he learned that the mother-daughter duo was fine and stable.

Dean, Medical and Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department, Prof Uma Singh said, "Deepika Tiwari, with 38-week-and-six-day pregnancy, came to Queen Mary Hospital with a complaint of abdominal pain on May 15 where she was found COVID positive. As per the protocol, she was shifted to COVID hospital at the RALC building. Tests showed her platelet counts were 18,000 cells/microliter and also confirmed her as a patient of ITP."

Drug worth ₹3 lakh given free of cost to the patient

As per doctors, both kids and adults can be affected by ITP. While the disease is self curable amongst children, it usually takes a long-term or chronic route for adults. The current statistics indicate that ITP is found to affect 3 amongst a population of 1 lakh individuals. One of the major concerns with this problem is the drop in platelet count, which amplifies the risk of bleeding. If the count goes below 10,000 units per microlitre, it becomes arduous to prevent internal bleeding and injuries.

In view of the complications, the pregnant woman was administered four units of platelets to help her with safe delivery. Further, Dr. Uma Singh informed that intravenous immunoglobulin 80 GM, which costs ₹3 lakhs, was given free of cost to this patient. In recognition of the staff's efforts, KGMU vice-chancellor Lt-Gen Bipin Puri applauded the doctors of the gynaecology department for this accomplishment.

- With inputs from IANS

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