Lucknow Zoo is set to be relocated to Kukrail Forest

Lucknow Zoo is set to be relocated to Kukrail Forest

Get ready for a new picnic spot with a night safari!

Lucknow's hundred-year-old Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden is set to have a new home.

The Lucknow Zoo will be shifted from its current location in Narhi, to the Kukrail Forest area, around 12 km away on the city's outskirts. The primary purpose of the change in its location is to reduce the traffic near the Narhi area. This is also a good move for the animals, as Kukrail is a lush green area of Lucknow.

According to official reports, visitors will be able to enjoy an all new night safari service at the zoo's new location, which will further increase eco-tourism.

Development of a riverfront and night safari at Kukrail is in the works

As per the reports, the new location of the Zoo has some potential to thrive on the banks of Kukrail River, and developing a riverfront around it is a good way to increase tourism. Additionally, initiating a night safari will help create better employment opportunities for the locals to participate in decoration, tourism trade, catering, etc.

Moreover, there will be four-lane roads constructed near the location to ensure the visitors don't face any inconvenience in reaching the Kukrail Night Safari. The safari will be established in an area of 350 acres, and the zoo will be set up on an area of 150 acres. Reportedly, the state government is yet to decide on the use of the Narhi area.

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