Lucknow Zoo's WAZA membership now marks its entry on a global platform!

Lucknow Zoo's WAZA membership now marks its entry on a global platform!

It is expected that the city zoo would be benefitted from the presence in globally connected networks now.

Climbing up the ladder of worldwide recognition, Lucknow Zoo has now achieved membership of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). Established in the year 1921 and also known as the Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden, this space has now marked its entry on an international stage. This membership will also equip the zoo with world-class information about animal care and welfare. Further, it is expected that the zoo would also benefit from its presence in globally connected networks.

Lucknow Zoo expects umpteen benefits from this association

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WAZA is a big conglomerate of zoos, aquariums and associated organisations, which are functional all across the globe. Grouping together more than 200 zoos and aquariums, WAZA is committed to the care and protection of wildlife and our diverse natural heritage. Further, it also works towards encouraging environmental education among the masses, in addition to spreading awareness about the goal of sustainable development.

Being a part of this prestigious association will be fruitful for the Lucknow Zoo in umpteen ways. It is expected that the new partnership will open multiple avenues of development for it. Zoo Director, R.K. Singh said, "Support from WAZA will help in our conservation efforts and provide care to the many habitants and endangered species. We can develop new strategies and policies for future development of the zoo."

Lucknow Zoo staff to participate in international meetings & conferences

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Lucknow Zoo will now be able to deploy the WAZA brand for attracting attention towards its conservation projects. Additionally, the employees from this animal home, will be able to participate in high-level conferences across the globe and learn from the experiences of zoos and natural reserves in other countries too. With the help of these learnings, the zoo authorities can work on such interventions, that can develop and reform the zoo as per the Intercontinental standards.

- With inputs from IANS

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