Lucknow Zoo to soon get Himalayan bear, Lawrence monkey & a cat all the way from Nagaland

Lucknow Zoo to soon get Himalayan bear, Lawrence monkey & a cat all the way from Nagaland

The new inmates will be brought to the city zoo under the Lucknow & Kohima Zoo Wildlife Exchange proposal

The Lucknow Zoo will soon welcome new inmates, that are being brought here with the help of a Wildlife Exchange proposal, signed with the Kohima Zoo in Nagaland. Soon, the Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden in the city will have a Himalayan bear, Lawrence monkey and a small cat as new additions to its animal family. According to officials, the Kohima Zoo administration is planning to take three female and one male Aligator from Lucknow Zoo to seal the deal.

Wildlife exchange operation is possible in March

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The Lucknow-Kohima Wildlife Exchange proposal was first tabled about two years, in a bid to get new species to the two respective zoos, increase their tourism footfall and build friendly between UP and Nagaland. However, the project met with several unforeseen delays, primarily due to the coronavirus pandemic. The turbulent, harsh weather further prevented the exchange of animals, added reports.

The COVID-19 situation has now improved and the March weather is favourable for transport as well, the zoo doctors said. Ashok Kumar, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Lucknow Zoo has also confirmed that the exchange of wildlife is possible in March itself. Representatives of the Kohima Zoo will visit the Lucknow Zoo this month and pick the animals they wish to take along to Nagala, read reports.

New animals to fill up Lucknow Zoo enclosure soon!

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The new inmates are set to fill the Lucknow Zoo enclosure that has become almost vacant now due to the death of several animals. Sources have informed that the enclosure here has not gotten any new animals since the death of Hukku Bandar, which was once the prime attraction of the Lucknow Zoo.

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