Lucknowites after all the heavy eating, here is the easiest way to stay fit! Read on

Lucknowites after all the heavy eating, here is the easiest way to stay fit! Read on

Recall the childhood when our most prized possession used to be our first bicycle. We boasted our ‘swag’ (a word which did not even exist in the dictionary then) by riding our first shiny ride to the school. It was the first step of growing up when on a Sunday morning, our parents asked us to go and choose our first ride.

Lucknowites can easily recall Agarwal Cycles, a trusted cycle showroom of the city, which has always been a step ahead in hosting the best range of cycles.

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Cycling has always been the most reliable, economical and environmentally friendly medium of transport.  Riding on the bicycle to your work instead of four-wheelers is not only a step towards your healthy and fit tomorrow but a safer and cleaner environment as well.

Here is a note from a physical trainer-

Lucknowites if you eat a lot, here is a guide for you to paddle your to fitness-

55kg 21kph 440kcal/hour
75kg 21kph 600kcal/hour
90kg 21kph 720kcal/hour

Some of the major routes in Lucknow that have cycle tracks are the inner circles of Gomti Nagar, Vidhan Sabha road, Kanpur road and Aashiyana. These tracks almost cover the entire city and can be used for your safe and eco-friendly ride. Moreover, if you are a morning person then you can visit parks like Janeshwar Mishra Park or Lohia Park in Gomti Nagar, Zonal Park in Aashiyan or Gomti Riverfront.

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If you follow your favourite stars on social media, then you’ll know how most of them have took up cycling as their favourite sport which keeps them fit and at the same time is fun and environment-friendly. Farhan Akhtar, Salman Khan, John Abraham and Amir Khan are such stars who love cycling and can be usually spotted on their bicycles around the city in Mumbai.

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Cycles are redefined in a way that we can’t even imagine. Cycling is a phenomenon which will never go out of style and will always be on a road to evolve more and more with time.

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About Agarwal Cycles

Knocksense recommends you that if you wanna hit nostalgia, only this time for a cause then you can go for these brands which are easily available in your city.  Agarwal Cycles takes this initiative of giving Lucknow the best state of the art facilities bringing along the latest technology in the field of bicycles. Established in 1930, Agarwal Cycles is the most trusted name in the cycle industry of Uttar Pradesh. They host 12 outlets across the city including some of the best showrooms in major areas like Gomti Nagar, Nirala Nagar, Rajaji Puram, and Alambagh.

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They have the first of its type in UP, an entire Bicycle mall where you can get any bicycle related product. This 5-storey mega bicycle mall is entirely dedicated to bicycles and it’s a paradise if you have a keen interest in bicycles.

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Agarwal Cycles host some of the major companies such as Firefox, Kross and BSA Mach to name a few. Trusted and one of the oldest names in the city ‘Agarwal Cycles’ is always on the front to bring the best and the newest range of bicycles here.

For more information and offers, check out their Facebook page by clicking here.

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