Lucknowites, authentic Indian food & handicrafts await you at Varanasi's GI Mahotsav!

Lucknowites, authentic Indian food & handicrafts await you at Varanasi's GI Mahotsav!

The Uttar Bharat GI Mahotsav is exhibiting more than 100 stalls from North India to promote local artisans.

The Uttar Bharat GI Mahotsav in Varanasi is here to spread cultural diversity amongst all! This 6-day geographical buffet of treasures, taking place from October 16-21, will showcase geographical indication (GI) tagged products from 11 states across North India.

A first for the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi, the GI Mahotsav will exhibit more than 100 stalls to promote local artefacts and, in turn, native artisans and their craft.

North India's culture in one place!

You can find a wide range of GI products here that are unique to Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Jharkhand, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Ladakh.

From Shawls of Kullu to Blue pottery from Jaipur, from Jali work from Banaras to Bagh print of Madhya Pradesh, and Thewa art jewellery of Rajasthan, you'd find it all here! For our sweets' gang, the mahotsav will have a plethora of mouth-watering delicacies like Bihar's Balushahi, Khurma, Gaya tilkut, Silao ka khaja, to Banaras' Lal peda, Tirangi barfi, and more.

"GI-tagging encourages the growers and artisans and motivates the marketers to expand their business both nationally and internationally. The GI tagging has acquired even more of an importance over the past few years," GI expert Rajni Kant said.

Knock Knock

Wanna hear more about the lit fest? Well, here you also have Allahabad's Surkha amarood, Madhubani paintings, Kota's doria saree, Kannauj's perfume, Firozabad's glass craft, Punjab fulkari, Chanderi sarees, Kashmir's pashmina and kani shawl and the most obvious signature arts and crafts, food and legacies that these states carry!

And the fact that Varanasi is located approximately 314 kms from the city of Nawabs, i.e. an easy 5.5 hours road travel, there will be no better opportunity for a road trip for you to visit this land of culture! And the same applies to the folks in Kanpur, for it'll take 6.5 hours for you guys, making it a getaway vacay you didn't know you needed!

Where: Deendayal Hasthkala Sankul, 9XMF+88V, badalalpur, Lamhi, Varanasi

When: October 16-21

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