Lucknowite’s favourite Homey’s Cafe just got better!

Lucknowite’s favourite Homey’s Cafe just got better!

Homey’s cafe, one of the first and popular cafés in Lucknow, now has a new avatar. This cafe located at Gomti Nagar is now ready to give the foodies of Lucknow a new experience with its brand new interiors.

Homey’s Cafe has undergone some serious transformation which includes a new and a spectacular menu, which will be out soon.

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As you enter the cafe, you will be greeted by a rustic brick wall. To add to the appeal, the owners have also put up pictures/sketches of your favourite characters including movie and sports stars. Once you’re done admiring the new and improved ambiance, you can focus on some lip-smacking dishes.

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At Homey’s, you can also avail several offers and combo deals on your favourite food items. You will take longer than usual to make up your mind because of the new and expanded menu but the soothing music will help you make sound decisions. The new décor will serve to be the perfect background for your selfies while you wait for your scrumptious food.

Checkout Homey’s Facebook page for exciting offers and discounts everyday because you never know, when you can grab a free pizza or drink!

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