If you've been craving onions for a long time, then it seems that you're in for some luck. Onions have became so expensive these days, that one was considered to be obscenely rich if spotted eating the staple vegetable.

Finally, Lucknowites can once again add onions to their regular diet and not treat it as gold because the prices have taken a dip once again. However, there is no word on how long matters will stay the same, so be sure to stock up well.

What's the update?

Lucknowites can once again breathe a sigh of relief as onion prices have finally taken a dip. Though they're not back to normal, we would suggest that you stock up well before prices soar again. You can now buy these onions at about ₹50 to ₹80 per kg rather than for more than ₹100 for a kilogram.

What has brought about this sudden dip in onion prices, you ask? A stock of onions from Maharashtra was exported to the state of UP at a very low price. Right now, you can go and get this stock at a relatively lower price than the rest of the onions that have been exported from different parts of India.

For a long time now, onion prices had been soaring with no visible respite. This batch of slightly reasonable onions has now paved the way for easily accessible onions to all. Since onions are the staple ingredient in almost all Indian dishes and meals, the price hike affected all families across the country.

Knock Knock

The exorbitant rates of onions have been affecting families since the end of November last year, when prices soared to almost ₹140 a kilogram. This in itself was unheard of and especially when in August, it was available for just about ₹50-₹60 a kg.

Now that the prices have dipped to this low, we would suggest that you go ahead and make the best of this opportunity.

Please note: Hoarding can lead to price rise

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