Lucknowites, have you visited the ongoing Millet Mahotsav at Chatori Gali yet?

Lucknowites, have you visited the ongoing Millet Mahotsav at Chatori Gali yet?

Today is the last day of the 'Shri Ann' (Millets) Mahotsav happening in the Chatori Gali near Riverfront parking.

To partake in the fervour of the International Year of Millets 2023, the state government is now organizing a fantastic festival right here in Lucknow, all to encourage the use of millet-based food. This shindig, known as 'Shri Ann Mahotsav 2023' or the Millet Mahotsav, started on Friday, i.e., October 27 and today is the last day to visit.

To give you an exclusive peek into this splendid celebration, we made our way to 'Chatori Gali' near Marine Drive in Lucknow. So, dive right in and uncover more about what's happening!

Special cultural programs every evening!

The program will kickstart at 4PM today, and will be graced by distinguished speakers, including eminent personalities and health experts. These personalities will shed light on the importance of consuming millet-based meals, and more relevant info around the crops.

Besides the enlightening talks, you can also witness folk music performances and captivating dance performances that have been a regular feature at this festival.

Reputed city brands selling scrumptious millet-based treats

While you're here, you'll discover stalls from numerous renowned restaurants and local brands. They're serving mouthwatering millet-based snacks and meals that are not only delicious but also super nutritious.

And the best part is, it's not just the big brands; you can also relish delectable home-cooked millet meals from the local vendors at this festival.

Music performers dotted throughout the entire stretch

As you stroll down Chatori Gali, you might as well come across talented musicians jamming to melodious tunes, scattered along the stretch alongside the food stalls.

Packaged millet based snacks, bakery products & more

The exhibit also features stalls selling millet-based bakery products, packaged snack items, and much more for you to take home for healthy snacking.

Knock Knock

If you are already aware about the benefits of millets, head here to grab some of your favourite products! And if you’re someone who is slowly getting on the healthy eating wagon, you must definitely not miss the chance to visit ‘Shri Ann Mohotsav’ on its last day!

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