Lucknowites, looking for swimming pools near you? We've got a list!

Lucknowites, looking for swimming pools near you? We've got a list!

Take the plunge and feel the rush!

Hey there Lucknowites! Summer is here, and with it comes the heat. Unfortunately, options for rest and relaxation are becoming scarce. Watching movies or window shopping in air-conditioned malls might be a good start, but you don't want to break the bank with all the expensive options available. On the flip side, you could always take a plunge at the city's water parks, but that might end up becoming a once-in-a-blue-moon excursion.

So, how about joining a swimming club? It's a great way to cool off, get some exercise, and have some fun in the process. Thus, we've put together a list of the best swimming pools in Lucknow where you can enroll and make a splash this summer season.

Bubbles Swimming Pool, Babuganj

Established back in 2002, Bubbles swimming pool is one of the oldest ones in Lucknow. Over the years, they've refined their craft with expert guides and necessary training equipment, making their indoor oasis a perfect spot for those just dipping their toes into the world of swimming or seasoned pros looking to make a splash and unwind.

Where: 497/8-1C Ramadhin Singh Girls Degree College Road, Babuganj, Lucknow

Timings: Mon-Sat; 6 am-7:30 pm

SBS Police Swimming Pool, Mahanagar

Dive into the refreshing waters of the SBS Swimming Pool, located within the PAC campus of Mahanagar. Their outdoor pool is the perfect spot for adults looking to make a splash, with staff who are dedicated to providing personalized attention to all passionate swimmers.

For those just starting out or with little ones in tow, a smaller pool is available, and changing rooms and toilets are conveniently located on-site.

Where: PAC campus, Mahanagar, Lucknow

Timings: Wednesday closed; 6 am-9 am | 3 pm-5 pm

HAL Swimming Pool, HAL Colony 

Constituting a superb and well-maintained pool, this is one of the most premier swimming destinations in Lucknow. With experienced trainers by your side, you'll be gliding through the water with ease in no time!

Plus, HAL Swimming Pool offers exclusive time slots for gents, ladies, couples and children, providing a comfortable and personalized swimming experience for all.

Where: HAL Colony, Lucknow

Timings: Mon-Fri; 6 am-5 pm

Charans Club and Resort, Matiyari

Charans Club and Resort is the ultimate staycation destination in Lucknow, boasting a pool fit for royalty. The fully equipped facility leaves no stone unturned, with trainers, changing rooms, toilets and even a bar on-site. And if you really want to visit regularly this summer, consider becoming a club member - you'll enjoy access to the pool and a host of other exclusive perks to boot.

Where: Opp. Aakashwani Kendra, Faizabad Rd, near Reliance Petrol Pump, Matiyari, Lucknow

Multi Activity Centre Swimming Pool, Ashiyana

The swimming pool at Multi Activity Centre in Ashiyana area provides a superb environment suitable for learners and pros. With experienced coaches and staff, visitors can enjoy proper training, making it an excellent choice for both children and adults.

The pool's clean arena and hygienic changing rooms provide a safe and comfortable experience for everyone. And, with a commitment to ongoing maintenance and checking water quality, this pool sets the bar high for other pools in the area.

Timings: Mon-Sun; 6 am-9 am | 5 am-9 am

Where: Multi Activity Centre, Sector G, Ashiyana, Lucknow

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