Lucknowites wake up to a foggy morning; low visibility increases troubles for commuters

Lucknowites wake up to a foggy morning; low visibility increases troubles for commuters

Today's maximum temperature is marked at 23°C and the minimum is said to go down to 16°C at night.

With days rapidly getting colder in the northern region, the capital of Uttar Pradesh has been gripped by a heavy blanket of fog since Wednesday night. Although Thursday witnessed moderate levels of fog, Friday has been especially cloudy and breezy, with reduced visibility since the early hours. There has been no speck of sun today, which has led to a sudden drop in temperature, with the maximum marked at 23°C and the minimum said to go down to 16°C at night.

Dense fog expected on Sunday

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People woke up to a foggy morning on Friday with a hint of a chilly breeze and no sun in sight. As per reports, the density of fog in the city is expected to lighten up on Saturday, however, Sunday is expected to be wrapped in foggy conditions. The minimum temperature of the city may decline by 10°C or below, by Monday and keeping the situation in sight, the MET department has also issued a warning of dense fog which is very likely to occur at isolated places, across the state.

A message to all our readers

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The foggy scenario in the city has subsequently increased the chances of road accidents due to low-visibility. People are requested to stay at home and avoid driving late at night, especially under intoxicated conditions. Late-night workers are tackling the weather by igniting bonfires and it is now a tough period for the homeless, taking up space on the roads during this cold weather. So kindly do your part and donate woollens to the needy because under these conditions, we need to stick together but really far apart.

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