Lucknow's air quality turns 'hazardous', prolonged exposure may lead to respiratory diseases

Lucknow's air quality declines to 205 on Monday, forecasts suggest worse AQI in winters.

Lucknow's depreciating air quality poses a risk of respiratory diseases on prolonged exposure, among the residents. Analysts have projected a further decrease in this 'very unhealthy' AQI with the advent of the winter season in the city. With Lucknow recording its cleanest air quality this year in the March-April (lockdown), the colossal fall in the air quality has been pinned to the release of harmful emissions from automobiles and industries.

Poor Air Quality envelopes Lucknow

While Lucknow's Lalbagh area has been labelled as hazardous by the CPCB with a 311 AQI with PM 10 as the main pollutant, area around Central School in the city is relatively the cleanest and safest. As per forecasts, the air quality will improve in the coming days, only to decline further later with the fall of mercury in winters.

Winters in Lucknow are characterised by cold temperatures, low wind speed, dry air and fog. These factors will not only settle the SPM in the breathing air, due to its cool heavyweight but also will also reduce the possibility of eroding them. The ascending air pollution-suspended particulate matter from the vehicular and industrial emissions coupled with the season fog will create 'smog' which is a mixture of smoke and gases. Unlike fog, smog does not dissipate readily and is the root cause of several respiratory and breathing problems.

Official data has also revealed a record rise in the levels of air pollution in the city due to increased usage of personal vehicles. People in the city are discouraged to use public transport systems due to the ongoing threat of the coronavirus pandemic. This has had a direct impact on the number of personal cars and scooters on the city roads, increasing the concentration of fuel gases such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide in the air.

Knock Knock

Dear Lucknowites, arm yourselves with masks as you step out; prepare for protection against both, the infection of COVID-19 and the hazardous air quality. People falling into sensitive groups- those already suffering from respiratory problems, young children and elderly are requested to stay indoors and step out only in case of recoveries. We appeal to all our readers to get the automobiles checked for vehicular emission rate and do their bit in helping curb the rising issue of bad air quality in Lucknow.

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