Lucknow's Alambagh Gurudwara buckles up to fight against the upcoming 3rd wave!

Lucknow's Alambagh Gurudwara buckles up to fight against the upcoming 3rd wave!

As a part of a string of programs, a 50-bed emergency bed facility is being established.

While the second wave of the pandemic is surely retiring, residents across Lucknow stand alarmed with the anticipations regarding the third wave. Alerted by this, a number of organisations in the city have deployed their efforts to combat the deadly effects of the expected situation and Alambagh Gurudwara is one of them. Amid multiple initiatives planned by the Gurudwara authorities, there is a provision for setting up 50 emergency beds in advance, to meet any unforeseen requirement.

Widespread measures across all areas of need

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As the second wave ushered in Lucknow, the Gurudwara officials shouldered the responsibility of rescuing the city folks. From free provisioning of oxygen cylinders and concentrators, ration kits, medicines, masks, steamers to the operation of free facilities like ambulance and hearse services, interventions were initiated in every area of need. Through their amplified efforts, they have aided citizens of Lakhimpur Kheri, Rae Bareli, Sitapur, Unnao and other districts, besides helping the residents of Lucknow.

Nirmal Singh, president of the gurdwara, said, "We will also start 'oxygen langar sewa' in Lakhimpur on Saturday. By the end of the coming week, we will also begin services in Ayodhya. Thankfully, we have been receiving donations from people and volunteers are joining us in our endeavour to reach out to a larger number of people."

He also informed that altruistic individuals have come forward to donate the oxygen concentrators that they purchased for their infected relatives in the past. Till now, the officials have been successful in distributing 30-40 oxygen cylinders and other resources.

Knock Knock

Amid unprecedented havoc witnessed during the last two months in Lucknow, the united efforts by the residents and welfare organisations helped the city to sail through. If we continue to get inspired by the collective spirit of service, we can definitely fight against the toughest of battles!

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