Lucknow's Bigg Daddy is hosting a grand Christmas Feast with unlimited food & drinks

Lucknow's Bigg Daddy is hosting a grand Christmas Feast with unlimited food & drinks

The grand Christmas buffet dinner is starting at just Rs 3000/person and Rs 5000/couple. Reserve your tables ASAP

For many of us, Christmas festivities are celebrated best when with family so it's kinda obvious that our Yuletide gala will be incomplete without heading to Bigg Daddy! This partaaay hub has been making us swoon ever since it reopened its doors to us and definitely, they're welcoming us on Christmas day for a whole lot of food, drinks and joyous extravaganza.

Daddy's Christmas Feast invite is here!

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On the 25th of December, you're invited to be a part of Daddy's Christmas Feast, 6 PM onwards and right now, we can think of several reasons why you shouldn't be skipping out on this Christmas treat. There will be UNLIMITED food and drinks for your hankerings and a poppin' playlist will be keeping you on your toes along with it. For couples, the price is marked at ₹5,000 and for stag entry, you've gotta shell out ₹3,000; pretty pocket-friendly deal right?!

Bigg Daddy even has a plush outdoor seating arrangement, so if you wanna take a seat amidst the panoramic backdrop of the city while clinking your wine glasses with your loved ones, then it is absolutely gonna be a good idea. We honestly cannot wait to drop by here to soak up on the Chritsmassy feels and the upcoming dinner feast has up pumped up already. Needless to say, Bigg Daddy will be following all the issued covid norms because we're their top-most priority and the party must go on!

So what we're saying is-

Christmas is almost here and not having plans for the day is downright blasphemous! So flood your friends' WhatsApp chats and hurry them up because trust us, you wouldn't want to miss out on Daddy's grand feast. This is also a perfect excuse for you to take your sweetheart out for a surprise date or to huddle with your friends over good food and your favourite drinks. Reserve your tables ASAP!

Location: Cyber Heights, 6th Floor, Pickup Bldg Rd, Vibhuti Khand, Lucknow

Contact: 078000 04920

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