Lucknow's Butler Park to get a facelift; will house pink toilets, pad vending machines & much more

Butler Park will soon become Lucknow's first 'Family Park'

Amongst multiple objectives of 'Mission Shakti', the ongoing women empowerment campaign in Uttar Pradesh, the state has converged its focus on creating a better and secure environment for women. As per the latest developments under this scheme, it is proposed that Lucknow's Butler Park shall be converted into a first of its kind 'family park' with advanced amenities. Aspiring to evolve as a safe recreational space for women in the city, the park would welcome all female visitors while only men accompanied by their families would be permitted.

First of its kind park in the state

Under mission Shakti, Lucknow is witnessing an array of initiatives to enhance the levels of protection and well-being for the women in the city. The latest decision was taken during a recent meeting that happened in the presence of the District Magistrate. Reportedly, the DM stated that this facility shall be the first of its kind in the state. Additionally, the ADM mentioned that there are plans to develop a string of amenities in the new park. The park would also house fitness-related facilities besides having a clean and refreshing environment.

Pink toilet, pink booth & other facilities for women visitors

Allowing free entry within its premises, the park would be functional during 6-10 in the morning and 4-8 in the evening. With a pink toilet, pink booth and a sanitary pad vending machine, the park would facilitate all the female visitors. The refurbished campus would not only encapsulate swings and slides for children but the proposals also include the construction of an open-air gym.

As an attempt to enhance its aesthetics, the park would encircle a garden of medicinal and aromatic plants along with a sparrow box for housing birds. Keeping in view the basic requirement of the visitors, the park would have an RO-equipped water cooler and a cafeteria managed by women.

Renovating public locations as safe spaces for women

It is poignant to note that the state government is working on diverse initiatives under Mission Shakti with an extensive approach. Such developments, as is the setting up of the park indicate the government's intentions to ensure safety and security of the women in public spaces.

Lucknow's Ekana Stadium makes it to the list of 9 venues proposed by BCCI for T20 World Cup 2021

Lucknow's Ekana Stadium might host T20 World Cup 2021; decision awaited.

Lucknow's BRSABV Ekana Cricket Stadium has found its name in the list of 9 venues proposed by the BCCI for the flagship T20 World Cup 2021, scheduled in India. The venues have been decided upon in an apex council of the national cricket board and includes Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Dharamshala, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai along with Lucknow. The suggestions have been sent to the ICC, which holds the final discretion over the venue selection

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This Earth Day, let's recount THESE 7 steps undertaken by Indore to become India's cleanest city

This day is the perfect occasion when we can talk about Indore, the cleanest city in India, with a little more pride than usual!

Celebrated first on 22nd of April, 1970, 'Earth Day' is a reminder for every single person that the planet's well-being is our constant responsibility and to take a step towards that, we need to start at the grassroots first. This day is the perfect occasion when we can talk about Indore, the cleanest city in India, with a little more pride than usual!

Indore has left no stone unturned to win awards for being the country's cleanest city for four consecutive years now, so we have listed down 7 steps taken by the city, in becoming so.

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'Oxygen Express' begins its run from Lucknow to Bokaro to meet UP's oxygen shortage!

A roll-on roll off service, 'Oxygen Express' is a goods train that will supply Liquid Medicinal Oxygen from Bokaro to Lucknow.

While Lucknow is facing a severe shortage of medical-grade oxygen amid peak COVID surge, the state has requested the Railways for the services of an 'Oxygen Express' in the city. This is a goods train that is operating all over India as a 'roll-on roll-off service' with road tankers in place of regular wagons.

For the Lucknow run, these tankers will shuttle Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) from Bokaro in Jharkhand to Charbagh, Lucknow. Reportedly, the special rail carrying 6-8 empty tankers was flagged off on Wednesday night from Lucknow's railway station and it made its way towards Bokaro, to bring back bulk oxygen to the worst-hit district in Uttar Pradesh.

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Backed by Red Crescent Society, Mumbai's mosques offer free oxygen cylinders to COVID-19 patients

Mosques in Mumbai and satellite regions such as Mumbra, Mira Road, Kalyan & Bhiwandi are now providing free oxygen cylinders.

Several mosques in Mumbai and other regional suburbs, have come forward to ease the availability of oxygen in wake of the acute resource shortage felt across. To shoulder the responsibility of COVID treatment with the already exhausted medical infrastructure, these mosques are facilitating free oxygen cylinders to needy patients, bringing respite to patients and health officials alike. Backed by the Red Crescent Society, the local mosques in Mumbai, Mumbra, Mira Road, Kalyan and Bhiwandi, are also providing home kits to easily set up home support for critical patients.

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COVID infected employees in Lucknow & other UP districts to get 28 days of paid leaves

This decision has been implemented on the basis of Section 2 of the March 2020 Ordinance, relating to Section 2 of the Epidemic Act, 1987.

Amid the COVID distress in Uttar Pradesh, the state government on Wednesday announced a 28-day paid leave for employees, who are quarantined or are under the infection radar- confirmed or suspected. This decision has been implemented on the basis of Section 2 of the March 2020 Ordinance, relating to Section 2 of the Epidemic Act, 1987. Consequently, paid COVID-19 leave, up to 28 days is permissible when such workers submit their medical certificate to the employer or authorised person, at the time of joining duty.

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