Lucknow’s Cafe GoDown is back with a bang after a brief renovation hiatus

Lucknow’s Cafe GoDown is back with a bang after a brief renovation hiatus

Set in the hustle-bustle of Kapoorthala, Cafe GoDown is Lucknow’s favourite underground cafe. With its cool interiors and yummy food, the cafe had made a place for itself in the hearts of people. But to shake things up a little GoDown went into a tiny bit of a slumber because of renovations last December and now they have surfaced again!

The newly renovated and redecorated Cafe GoDown is one of Lucknow’s most pretty restaurants and there is no doubt about it. The restaurant was known for its underground vibe, subtle-dark colours and a ghoulish vibe. Though that was the charm of the place for certain people but the renovation has lifted all the dreary and the dark.

Cafe GoDown, now is as pretty as a picture! With bright colourful interiors and light toned walls the cafe has changed from a dungeon to a beautiful parlour. The rose and stripe printed sofas and the wood work has brought the entire place together and the new Cafe GoDown is what dreams are made of!

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The cafe known for its cheesy pizza, spicy fries and Chinese food has also introduced a brand new Indian menu which will win your hearts and is a must try. The new menu, though, still has some gems from the last one like cheese maggi, maggi pizza, paneer takatak pizza and the much loved lasagna. The new menu has added some of the most yummy paneer maggi you’ll ever have, kachori, chicken saagwaala, paneer palak and a number of other dishes that are worth a try.

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This improved version of Cafe GoDown is giving us date goals, it’s almost as if the pretty interiors are calling to be clicked on an Instagram handle and we certainly cannot wait to be here.

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