Lucknow's cloud-kitchen Bao Chika Bao is winning hearts with delish treats & you must try some!

Lucknow's cloud-kitchen Bao Chika Bao is winning hearts with delish treats & you must try some!

Order the much-adored Nashville Fried Chicken from Bao Chika Bao in Lucknow & chill away!

Say hello to your new comfort-zone — the source of absolutely delectable baos in Lucknow — Bao Chika Bao. For, from now on, consider your cravings for all things related to scrumptious fillings, food warmth, and juicy treats, fulfilled!

The fast food venture, a cloud kitchen based out of Lucknow, offers bao, or Taiwanese steamed buns with delicious fillings from all over the world. This adds a versatility factor to their credit. Moreover, if you're a fan of crunchy and juicy fried chicken, lots of gourmet fast food options await you here!

All about Bao Chika Bao

Bao Chika Bao is here, in all glory, to introduce to us different flavours and concepts from near and far, while treating us to their Indianised versions.

For instance, you can munch on the large variety of fried chicken or ramen to chill during binge-watching seshes of your favourite shows on Netflix, or go for tasty options like Lava Baos, Kadhai Paneer Bao, Murgh Makhani Bao, Chicken Lababdar Bao, Dabeli Bao, etc.

Their signature Nashville Fried Chicken is one of the hottest flavoured crunchy chicken you'd have! If you love spicy food, this dish is for you. Again, for the spice lovers, the juicy Wings of Fury will make you cry and sweat and relish in the deliciousness, all at the same time.

Besides, the soup-dumplings here are best-sellers, too, with the goodness of soup in momos! Sounds scrumptious, does it not?

A plethora of treats from Bao Chika Bao

With a quick service, well-maintained hygiene, and spill-proof packaging, Bao Chika Bao has a plethora of treats for you and all available at pretty affordable prices. With buckets of love and an added layer of delicious dishes, contact Bao Chika Bao now and order away!

Oh, and, Bao Chika Bao is operational till 4 AM — a fresh resolution to all your late night hunger pangs! Thank us later.

Contact: 9026691287

Or visit their website:

P.S. Bao Chika Bao is also available on Zomato and Swiggy!

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