Lucknow's CSIR-CIMAP scientists develop a high-yielding variety of  Oregano

Lucknow's CSIR-CIMAP scientists develop a high-yielding variety of Oregano

The development of new variety is aimed at promoting of commercialisation of Oregano in India

In a bid to improve the commercial Agri-market in India, scientists at CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) have developed a new variety of oregano, named CIM-Sudeeksha. This new variety can be commercially cultivated in Indian climatic conditions.

Read on to know more about the development.

Commercialisation of Oregano in India

As per the press release, CIM-Sudeeksha is at par with oreganos that are cultivated in the Mediterranean and West Asian regions. After six years of rigorous research and experiments, the team of 16 CIMAP scientists led by KT Venkatesh developed this new variety of herb that can be grown anywhere in India.

With this new development, Lucknow's CSIR-CIMAP became the first scientific institute in the country to develop an oregano variety for commercial cultivation in India.

At present, Oregano is imported from the Mediterranean and West Asian countries to India. In 2019-20, oregano with a value of 33.6 crores was imported into the country. However, this new development will now allow farmers to earn better, reducing India's dependency on Agri exporting countries.

CIM-Sudeeksha offers high yield of herb and oil extract

Additionally, the CIM-Sudeeksha has been developed through intensive breeding measures for the sole purpose of improving the herb and oil yield. Notably, during the field evaluation trial, CIM-Sudeeksha was potentially able to produce 65-68 quintal dry herb per hectare and an essential oil yield of 45-48 kg per hectare.

Reportedly, the variety can be cultivated both in plains and in hilly regions. In plains, a farmer will be able to cultivate it in the winter season only while in the hilly regions it can be cultivated twice a year. Farmers in Pantnagar have already been onboarded with this plan of commercialisation. Later, more farmers will be approached to adopt this new development as a means of generating revenue.

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