Lucknow's famous Basket Chaat is a 'feeling', said every chaat-lover ever!

Lucknow's famous Basket Chaat is a 'feeling', said every chaat-lover ever!

The spicy-sweet flavours of the Basket Chaat by Royal Cafe are loved by all.

Where's your chaat gang going today? Because in today's episode of iconic street food in Lucknow, we have Royal Cafe's gigantic Basket Chaat, something that the foodies cannot ever have enough of!

As the name goes, this mouth-watering chaat comes in the shape of a basket and if you are a fan, we're assuming you already know what we're about to say. But, let's (because what else are we here for?)!

What goes into the making of Basket Chaat

This unique-to-the-city Basket Chaat has made its way, very quickly might we add, to the list of every tourist/food blogger who's ever visited Lucknow. And its name has, just like that, spread far and wide. It is extolled throughout by tangy-food lovers. And, of course, all thanks to Royal Cafe in Lucknow for introducing the dish, thus, blessing all chaat lovers' lives!

Now that we've let out all the praise in our hearts for Basket Chaat, let's talk preparation! The mouth-watering ingredients that go into the making of this gratifying basket meal include an aloo tikki, paapdi, bhalle, fried shredded potato or sev, chane, dahi and green chutney, sprinkled finally with some pomegranate seeds and masala. All coming to together to make a basket of pure bliss!

A filling, divine meal

The spicy sweet flavours fill you up to the brim and make for a full meal. And people, if you haven't yet tried it (it's hard to believe but we give the benefit of doubt to those who're new here) — it's like chaat x 10. So, what is it that you're waiting for?

Head to any outlet of Royal Cafe in Lucknow to try the wholesome Basket Chaat today.

Lucknow's famous Basket Chaat is a 'feeling', said every chaat-lover ever!
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