Lucknow’s Favourite Hangout Place: Why We Can Never Get Enough Of Mocha!

Lucknow’s Favourite Hangout Place: Why We Can Never Get Enough Of Mocha!

Mocha isn’t a new name for Lucknowites, it is familiar, it is known and it is everything you’d ever want in a good café/restaurant. Mocha is much loved in Lucknow. It is that one place you can always depend on, be it food or a good time, Mocha will never disappoint you. And you cannot convince Mocha fans otherwise.

So here’s why Mocha is one of the best places to hangout in Lucknow:

The Interior

Okay, so Mocha is one of those places whose energy embraces you, you feel the warmth spreading through as soon as you step into the place. The interiors here are amazing, the beautiful stone floor, simple and understated beige of the walls and furniture, mixed with the electric blue from the décor and the armchairs, make the place a perfect mix of warm and cool tones. The potted plants adding a pop of green to the stunning, sophisticated and chill interiors.

The Food

Food at Mocha is Ah-mazing, the café is a favorite hangout place for foodies. Their food has such an addictive quality to it that you keep coming back to this place. Mocha has a perfect blend of desi and videsi in their menu, be it the simple All American Mac and Cheese, the fancy Porcini and Shitake Mushroom Spaghetti or Aslam’s Butter Chicken Tikka, Roti Ghee Roast Boti, Martabani Gosht, everything they serve is delicious.

Especially their pasta, the pasta is always smooth, silk-esque, it has a perfect chew and the sauce is creamy and thick, making for a perfect mouth-feel. They are also well known for their amazing Half-Half Pizza, Old School Fish n Chips, Grilled Fish and Mocha Fried Chicken.

The Breakfast

Okay I know I’ve already covered food, but their breakfast is so good, it needs to be mentioned separately. Their egg preparation especially, is shout-out worthy. The Italian Omelette, the Belgian Waffle and the entire Punjabi Breakfast spread is to die for!

Drinks (a PINT of Beer for 25 bucks!)

If you are looking for amazing drinks, be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic, you will not find a better place than Mocha. The drinks here are not only innovative, they actually taste good. Be it the classic Banta, Shikanji Caprioska and Pataka Shot or the fancy Pink Lemonade, Moscow Mule and Beergarita, everything is amazing. Plus, once in a month you can get a whole pint of Beer for 25 rupees only!

The lip-smacking Desserts

The desserts at Mocha, are simply delectable, they are sinful! After having their Banoffee Pie, Cheese Cake Brownie and Chocolate Avalanche, you’ll wonder if you’re sitting in a Patisserie on the streets of Paris or a rooftop café in Lucknow! It is that good.

I don’t think you need more reasons to run to the Café and drown yourself in all the deliciousness, but here are some more: Raw Mango Margharita, Mofasa Iced Tea, Boston Caffeine Iced, Karari Roti, Corn Bhel Cornetto, Biryani and Molten Chocolate Ball.

Now, run away to the foodie paradise that is Mocha.