In an aim towards reducing the crowd at Charbagh Railway Station, the North Eastern Railway Administration had flagged off the developmental activities at the Gomti Nagar railway station in 2018. The authorities are now in the process of converting this station into a "world-class" one and the work was slated to be completed by the end of this year however due to the pandemic the project is now delayed. Having said this, trains for Mau and Chapra will commence from this station soon.

World class amenities to be included

The NER department is developing a new washing pit here at the Gomti Nagar Station, which will make it easier to clean and repair the trains. The officials have sanctioned a budget of 12 crores to do so and after this provision is put into place, trains will not have to be sent to the Aishbag Depot. This is a time and money-saving step for the railway authorities. Along with 6 platforms, there will also be a shopping centre, waiting lounge, cafeteria, food court, multi-level parking, chemist shop and so on. The Divisional Railway Manager of NER, has also stated that the estimated cost of this entire project is coming up to Rs.1,800 crores.

The project will completed in two phases. The shopping complex is stated to be completed in the second phase. Below are some of the pictures of the ongoing project-

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