Lucknow's G.T. Road launches a full bar alongside its premium North Indian buffet

If you're a fan of good North Indian food, you surely know or have heard about G.T. Road's grand buffet. A true North Indian fiesta, G.T. Road follows the cuisine along the grand Trunk Road, its robust flavours, aromatic spices and the quintessential regional food.

From light fluffy biryani, to spicy Pindi chole and decadent balushahi, you will find all that you crave, served in magnificent bowls, copper plates or simply steaming at a grill in the middle of your table.

However, the only thing missing from the menu till now was the booze. But it's time to rejoice and visit G.T. Road more often, because your favourite buffet place has introduced a full bar with their awesome buffet.

Booze, Buffet and Grandiose

If you've ever dined at the G.T. Road you know that the best thing about their buffet and the most distinguishing quality is the exceptional service and the elegant setting. The place is as grand as can be and we have enjoyed all of our lunches, dinners and family gatherings here, with much adoration for the fine detail that has been provided to everything.

From the serve-ware to the way that the dishes have been arranged, everything is thought of and reminiscing a time of sophistication, charm and wonderment.

The entire theme has finally come full circle with the introduction of the bar and we couldn't be more excited about it! Who can deny the wonder a glass of wine alongside some good food does to your mood. There's an inherent, undeniable charm that comes with good booze, good food and good company. We just cannot wait to head there, dine like royalty and drink like them too.

Knock Knock

There isn't much that hasn't been already said about G.T. Road, so no matter how many visits you make to the place, you'll always be left wanting more. The fact that we can now get delicious cocktails, beer and more to complete the dining experience only adds to the allure of the place and we're heading there the first chance we get.

P.S. Do try the Yakhni Pulao (biryani), the besan laddoos and the fresh jalebis that are served on order; the palak patta chaat and chicken barra is exceptional too.

Location: Ground Floor, The Summit, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

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