Lucknow's Indira Nagar is turning into a new hang-out hub for foodies & we're psyched to be a part!

Lucknow's Indira Nagar is turning into a new hang-out hub for foodies & we're psyched to be a part!

These hang-out places, some old and some fresh, add to the evolution of this region and make for great eateries.

Indira Nagar has recently witnessed a transformation in its food scenes, with the addition of new eateries, bakeries and street-food stalls. Boasting of some of the prettiest spaces that offer finger-licking good food, this area is slowly growing into a hub for foodies.

We've all seen this peaceful place transform into something way more accommodating for the Gen Z, and we're nothing but in awe of its evolution. We know all those who've witnessed Bhootnath to be the ONLY hang-out spot with Nescafe or Sunder bakery as the go-to places have a twinkle in their eye right now! From momo-binge stalls and pizza cafes to chat counters and modern cafes, this list contains all the iconic food stops still standing and, of course, the freshly introduced hang-out spots.

Italy in Indira Nagar at Pizza Tavola 

Who doesn't like pizzas? It's been our favourite Italian wonder since our childhoods and we keep looking for more options to explore from.

Famous for their palatable pizzas and iced tea, Pizza Tavola offers signature meal-sized slices of heaven. They specialise in their types of crusts, mainly, the New-York style thin crust and Neopolitana bake.

We recommend their special BBQ Cottage Cheese Pizza, Margherita and Korean chicken.

Location: Near Bhootnath Mandir Market, Indira Nagar

Celebrate the chaat corners of Indira Nagar

A time-hallowed lil counter called Jain Chaat Wala has only evolved with time. You must have seen it's partner counter in Lalbagh but the quality and efficiency of this family-run business is consistent. The gol gappas and chaat still possess the tangy flavours they used to a decade back.

Location: B block chauraha, Indira Nagar

Gupta Chaat Bhandar's batashas are a flex for the folks of Indira Nagar to flaunt their locality's food! Their best-sellers are these savoury snacks and you can easily fill your bellies with the chaat.

Location: Opposite DAV, Indira Nagar

Ramnath Chat Bhandar, although slightly tricky to locate, sells delectable chaat and batashas. Their USP is huge size of the batashas, not always expected by people. It is crowded with swarms of chaat-lovers almost all the time and that's how you know it's a must-try.

Location: A block chauraha, Indira Nagar

The chaat and pani-batashe at Chandrika still hold the same charm. The mouth-watering food, even today, makes people go gaga. This shop is one of the many attractions of the Bhootnath market.

Location: Bhootnath, Indira Nagar

Karari Angeethi

The locale showcasing a lil black food cart is one of the fresh additions to the localites' favourites. Specifically popular among youngsters, the place also offers something for people of all ages. Not only are they pocket-friendly, but also offer some of the best barbeque.

Karari Angeethi almost always sees a crowd of people, wanting to try their specials like Soya chaap, Tandoori chaap, Malai chaap, Tandoori momos with gravy, Afghani momos and Mushroom momos. The food carts are spread throughout the city.

Some buck-saving deals that might catch your attention are: Flat 20% off on the bill and Malai Chaap at ₹110 only on Knocksense app!

Location: A moving food cart found in the varied lanes of Indira Nagar

They are also available to order from on Zomato and Swiggy.

Bhootnath momos - a feeling

Ranjeet Rana

When we say that Bhootnath momos is a feeling, all Indira Nagar foodies know what we exactly mean!

The world of momos was introduced to the localites sometime after 2011. Before the COVID phase, you could find these people in abundance in the market. However, there is just one stall that reamains today, and that's opposite the flower market in Bhoothnath. Veg and Paneer momos served here are unlike any other in town! They also offer two kinds of chutneys, one to make it spicier and one for those who just wanna add a little tangy flavour to the momos. And for those who like their momos fiery, there's a super The momos here are light, basic with an unmatched taste of various kinds of chatni.

Now, you can find delicious street momos almost everywhere in Bhootnath. Try your hands at the dishes of Chinese Express to King Bakery Momos and Maya Momo Corner, where the stock quite literally always finishes by EOD!

Of fancy book cafes & calm vibes — Repertwahr

An extremely popular spot for people of all ages, Repertwahr has gained fame in a very short period of time. One of the first and best book cafes in Lucknow, it offers both inside dining and outdoor setting.

The cafe ticks a lot of boxes including the aesthetic setting, great ambience, and most importantly, tasty yet affordable food! And while on the topic of what to eat, there's just so much to recommend in the food section but we'll go with the popular Drums of heaven, White sauce pasta, Lasagna, Cold coffee, Paneer tikka and alike.

Location: Kala Niketan, Faizabad Road, Indira Nagar

Awe-inspiring All 'Bout Desserts

Yet another spot Indira Nagar locals are proud of is the All 'Bout Desserts or ABD. Starting off more than a decade back as an Amul outlet, the cutesy bakery has seen tremendous changes and now also flaunts and outside seating area.

From bakery items to all kinds of desserts, we will encourage you to head to ABD for extremely economical and delicious food.

We openly advocate their Ferrero Rocher pastry, Tandoori pizza, Mushroom pasta and (obviously) their cakes.

Location: Bhootnath, Indira Nagar

Afreen, afreen

We don't have much to say about this iconic eatery that hasn't already been said in its praise. Whether its Biryani, Afghani chicken, Kebab-paratha, Afreen has some of the best Mughlai food to offer.

Location: Azad Market, Indira Nagar

Indira Nagar ki shaan — Chanakya

You must have, at least once in your life in Lucknow, heard of the phrase 'Chanakya ke laddu'. Not many know that the famous Chanakya shop has been standing tall in Indira Nagar since its inception.

Whether you are in mood for kulfi, laddu or jalebi, we can easily guarantee that this sweet-shop will never disappoint you.

Location: Bhootnath, Indira Nagar

The cutesy Cherry Tree Cafe

Now you can add Cherry Tree Cafe in the Indira Nagar region to your list of hang-out places. Right below the Badshah Nagar metro station, the cafe offers for a serene stopping place for the travellers.

The cutesy-cafe offers some scrumptious brownies and pastries, not to forget its special coffee.

Location: Badshah Nagar metro station, Indira Nagar

Drink tea or 'chai' trying

Whether it's kulhad chai or a posh green tea, chai lovers appreciate it all! And Indira Nagar food joints have been answering to their calls forever now.

Showcasing an ever-evolving food journey, the place keeps hosting new chai corners time and again. You'd find one near Aurobindo park, one near Shekhar Hospital, one somewhere in the middle of Sabzi Mandi, and so on! Moreover, the famous C block L junction hosts some dozens of chai stalls, starting beyond Hanuman temple to Kalevum, and they're goood!

Age-old Sundar Bakery

Sundar Bakery is a name that resonates with every household in Indira Nagar. We're all fond of this bakery that was established first in, wait-for-it, 1987!

This patisserie shop has so much to offer that words might fall short. From sweet buns and cheesecakes to patties and puddings, the vintage spot has everything.

Location: Bhootnath Mandir road, Bhoothnath, Indira Nagar

Mouth-watering mutton at Azamgarh-do-pyaza

Another favourite of the foodies, this place is well-known for its authentic home-cooked non-vegetarian food. Their top selling item is their desi chulha and chulha roti.

Check out Azamgarh-do-pyaza for the best mutton, Handi mutton or Keema with Chula roti in the area.

Location: Kailash Kunj Market, Faizabad Road, Indira Nagar

For matchless nostalgia — Nescafe

This cosy corner of Nescafe needs a special mention for standing since the beginning of time in Bhootnath. It has seen people and the market-place around it grow and the nostalgia that their maggie + iced tea or cold coffee evokes is unmatched.

And now that the corner has been completely revamped, we're in for a happy surprise! Head to the spot for the same ageless cold coffee and it will surely knock the heat off.

Location: Bhootnath, Indira Nagar

Divine Mughlai at Sheermaal Wali Gali

We've officially decided to call the Amrapali market area with the row of Mughlai shops the 'sheermal wali gali'. And we don't need to explain the reasons behind the same.

These tiny and age-old shops located together (on both sides of the road) offer some of the most lip-smacking and heavenly sheermals, kebab-parathas, mutton and korma! If in Indira Nagar and craving for non-veg street food, this extremely cost-effective hub is where you need to head without a second thought!

Location: Opposite Universal, Amrapali market, B Block, Indira Nagar

Cosy lil Walnut Bakery

Located in Bhootnath, Walnut Bakery exhibits the most luscious desserts throughout Indira Nagar. A one-stop solution for extraordinary and numerous types of cakes, pastries, patties and more, the place emanates a rather cosy vibe.

The patisserie's Walnut ten topping pizza and plum cakes are worth every penny spent!

Location: 35, Bhoothnath Market, Sector 5, Indira Nagar

Knock Knock

From old icons like Kalevum, Dastarkhwan, Burma, Dominoes to new crowd-favourite places like La Pinoz, Wat-a-Burger, Quickbites and Gazal Cool Corner, the list tbh is unending. You'd find so many eateries located at the various metro stations too!

So, people, these were the names of some eating joints located in your beloved Indira Nagar where you can stop anytime and chill. These hang-out places, some old and some fresh, add to the evolution of this region and make for great eateries.

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