Lucknow's Jankipuram bus stand to get a makeover, 600 buses to ply from the new base!

Lucknow's Jankipuram bus stand to get a makeover, 600 buses to ply from the new base!

Here's what you need to know-

Lucknow's Jankipuram bus station is all set to undergo new changes after getting a green signal from the LDA. This re-designed terminal will connect Lucknow to 14 cities with an increased capacity of 600 buses, instead of the 400 that were planned earlier.

Improved and New Facilities

Construction and re-modelling of the new Jankipuram bus stand is expected to be complete in one year, after the land is granted by the developmental authority. Besides upgraded vehicular facility, the establishment of AC waiting rooms and Women's Pink Booth are in pipeline for the station. This depot will receive a transport shift buses from 14 cities after its completion. This updated list includes districts of Sitapur, Shahjahanpur, Bareilly, Rampur, Moradabad, Delhi, Dehradun, Haridwar etc.

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The new bus stand at Jankipuram will have the capacity to station as many as 42 buses at a single time, as it would bear the load of 600 AC and non AC buses connecting small districts to the state capital. The bus stand is also expected to upgrade its catering units to 20 for facilitating service to the increased travellers' load that will fall upon at it post the revamp and construction.

Towards better connectivity

Lucknow is well on its way towards refining and upgrading its connectivity and travel set-up with this initiative. Having a major bus stand in the Jankipuram area will also lessen the load on the primary Alambagh bus station, improving efficiency and control on both bases.

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