Lucknow's KGMU to get new diagnostic lab to detect diseases in newborns

Lucknow's KGMU to get new diagnostic lab to detect diseases in newborns

The construction of the said lab expected to begin soon.

In a bid to detect diseases early and cut down the waiting time newborns have to go through, Lucknow's KGMU will soon set up a diagnostic lab. The new lab, which will come up in KGMU's pathology department, will also possess all the facilities necessary for conducting tests on unborn babies.

The lab will be able to detect thalassemia in unborn babies

The proposal to set up a new diagnostic lab at KGMU, which was first sent in 2019, has finally been given a nod by an expert committee. The decision came after a slew of presentations given to experts, which showcased the new labs efficacy in detecting metabolic disorders and other health complications in newborn and detecting blood disorders like thalassemia in unborn babies.

Once this diagnostic lab in KGMU is ready, it will significantly reduce the burden on other pathological labs while also ensuring quick results, enabling timely treatment in case of any disorders in babies. Prof. Mili Jain from KGMU's Pathology Department, under whose supervision this lab is being set up, said that "the lab will be established at the cost of Rs 3 crore provided by the Union Government and construction is likely to begin within two months".

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