Lucknow's LBW is here to redefine the concept of partying; less thinking & more drinking!

Lucknow's LBW is here to redefine the concept of partying; less thinking & more drinking!

LBW aspires to celebrate communal beer experiences, like no other in the city.

Seated on the 13th floor of Rohtas Summit, Lakhnavi Brew Works is making sure that the partaayy doesn't stop anytime soon! LBW is Lucknow's first-ever upcoming brewery and they are slated to get their brewery license, just next month- which is in less than two weeks from today. But on the other hand, LBW has already been accorded with an alcohol license, which simply means that our weekends now have a new destination! LBW aspires to celebrate communal beer experiences, like no other in the city and we're so readyyy to indulge in this affair.

'Hoppy' News for Beer Bellies; 'Alelujah'!

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Beer lovin' folks in Lucknow, FINALLAAYY have something new to look forward to. Freshly brewed beer beats bottled beer any day and let's face it, frolicking to the clubs for the same ol' drinks is now soon gonna be olde worlde. Here you can expect a range of handcrafted beers, made with only traditional ingredients and without any chemicals. The beers which you'd be availing here next month onwards, are brewed at a leisurely pace to allow flavors to come through. You can totally expect fresh foamy pints of beer, coupled with delish finger foods and chakhna to keep your palate company.

Sunday with Jade & DJ Mishti

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Today in the evening, to celebrate the spirit of welcoming their patrons, LBW will be hosting a live music session with Jade, starting at 6 PM. This will be followed by a high-octane music night, led by DJ Mishti, 9 PM onwards! Sunday seems sorted now. For reservations, call at +91 9679587777 and get the party started.

You better beerlieve it!

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As much as their focal point lies on freshly crafted brew, they also place a superlative focus on garden-fresh ingredients for their expansive menu. So brace yourselves for regality on your plates and we can safely say, LBW here to redefine the way Lucknowites party and we cannot wait to drop by! The decor is noteworthy too, with tones of warmth, wood and red, which amps up the entire experience of being here. Additionally, the panoramic view of the city absolutely adds to the luxe vibes here.

Knock Knock

LBW also welcomes private parties, kitty parties and of course, if you're planning a birthday party, you can count on them as well. Here you can catch up with your pals amidst a fun setting, that surely urges you to push your worries outta the darn door. So chalk up a plan with your friends this weekend and drop in here because the best of nightlife experiences is awaiting your arrival.

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