Keeping festive spirits high, Lucknow's Mocha has an amazing deal for New Year Eve Bash

Keeping festive spirits high, Lucknow's Mocha has an amazing deal for New Year Eve Bash

Best way to shoo away the 2020 blues-

'Tis the season to be jolly and aware about pocket-friendly deals for the upcoming holidays because after the show which 2020 has put up, we're in desperate need of a freaking break! And when we think of chillin' with our squad over a couple of drinks and gooood food, then Mocha is one of the places which pops up without much delay. Of course, like alwaaays, Mocha has put out exciting deals on the table, which demand to be relished and we're not the ones to resist!

Festive cheer in the frosty air!

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All year round, Mocha is undoubtedly one of your favourite spots to be at, whether for a few hours of me-time with their coffee in hand or for a celebration including lots of alcohol and merry-making. Now that the jingle hop has begun and the year-end is drawing in closer each day, offers at Mocha have started pouring in which are gonna make sure that we have a swell time this year!

To warm up your hearts and bellies this New Year, Mocha has introduced pocket-friendly packages. For couples, Mocha is charging Rs 4000 for unlimited food and you will get Rs 2500 coupons for drinks and for stags, the price is marked at ₹2,500 wherein you will get unlimited food and drinks coupon worth Rs 1800.

Along with unlimited food, Mocha will be putting a Cheshire smile on your faces with their drink vouchers and live entertainment to keep your feet tappin'.

So what we're saying is-

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This year needs a power-packed kick in the butt and there's no better way to do it than embracing the holiday cheer! For that, we can trust Mocha to captain the ship before we sail away to a new era. With all the issued precautions in place, Lucknowites are ready to rock their nights away and Mocha is the Santa Claus we adults need RIGHT AWAYYYY!

Location: 1, 09, Shaheed Path, Viram Khand 1, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Contact: 8874209898, 8181829163

Prices- Rs 4000 for couple, Rs 2500 for stag. Pricing includes unlimited food and drink vouchers worth Rs 2500 (couples) and Rs 1800 (stag).

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