Lucknow's Molecule Air Bar has just launched a new menu & there's a FREE dessert & drink for all!

Lucknow's Molecule Air Bar has just launched a new menu & there's a FREE dessert & drink for all!

We are definitely catching a whiff of good food in the air.

Whether you're a gourmand who is single AF or has a bae, your relationship with food will any day run deeper than with any human. So this Valentine's month, Molecule has launched its new menu, brought back one of our favourite appetizers and is also laying out a free drink and dessert card on the table amidst other things. And thus, our love for indulging in gluttony has finally found a date spot this upcoming 'V'eek! Although we don't know much about love, we are definitely catching a whiff of good food in the air and we think, that's more than 'nuff.

Ever seen a Comet Crash? No? Then at least you can taste it here!

If you're a Lucknowite with a taste for all things fine in life, then we need not introduce Molecule to you. We're sure you must've had your fair share of fun here, many a time and now, if you're looking for a reason to drop by, this should be your cue! Coming straight to the new menu which the team has whipped up, if you're a fan of fusion, then you'll be digging the selections with all your heart.

The latest list of culinary choices includes Pulled Butter Chicken Hot Dog, Masala Chicken Poppers, Molecule Special Gajar ka Halwa, amidst other items and you'll also spot Comet Crash, which is a recent member of their dessert section. This treat will be prepped right in front of you by the chef and the anticipation will definitely be worth all the drooly wait! Moreover if you're ordering a drink for yourself, which you probably will, pair it up with their Chaat Island, which is the go-to chakhna for many tipplers here. You can even indulge in their crafty cocktails for a kick-ass refreshment and we know that you'd be ordering for more in no time!

Further, they're offering Rasam Cappuccino to all their patrons upon arrival as a complimentary drink and on the occasion of Valentine's, they will be handing out FREE desserts to all. On V-Day, you can even expect a live band to keep you company and of course, be ready with your Instagram filters because Molecule is gonna be decked in the best of Valentine decor.

BTW, Molecule's Butter Chicken Tarts are BACKKK!

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One of our pet appetizers, Molecule's Butter Chicken Tarts are back on the menu and if not for anything else, you should drop by for this savoury delight. Green tart shells stuffed with spoons of smokey zingy Butter Chicken, this is what love tastes like for us and you should definitely catch a bite of this magic ASAP!

So what we're saying is-

Molecule is summoning all gluttonous individuals to its premises for the love of delicious food this lovey-dovey month and of course, we're excited to attend this call. So pick a day, chalk your plans and head to this swanky gastropub because feasting on delish fares while seated amidst Molecule's vibes, is a different experience altogether!

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