Lucknow's Mount Litera Zee School is the next step to shaping your child's future; Here's why

Lucknow's Mount Litera Zee School is the next step to shaping your child's future; Here's why

Lucknow's Mount Litera Zee School is here to impart important life skills and practical knowledge to your child.

Have you ever felt like a lot of things you learnt during school have not exactly been useful in your daily life? With some important life skills and more practical knowledge, you would have fared better? For instance, do you ever wish you had the basics of financial knowledge back in school itself?

Well, the good news is that you can have that for your children and the younger generations growing around you! The reason being, Mount Litera Zee School (MLZS), Lucknow, is an all-nurturing educational institute that has, with time, evolved to form an ecosystem that celebrates students and encourages them to explor

Of tech-based resources & superior learning skills

Besides the state-of-the-art infrastructure, the school is renowned for inculcating and disseminating superior learning skills like creativity, imagination, digital literacy and communication.

While all the classes here are air-conditioned and smart, being equipped with interactive whiteboards, the teaching method adopted by the teachers and experts is based on blended learning. The Zee school also employs advanced integrated learning resources.

Might we add, the school is far ahead in modern learning initiatives and technology-based resources, too. With CCTVs installed everywhere, the MLZS vans are also GPS-enabled which helps parents to track their kids' location. Moreover, they have an ERP system where you can find all information on one click and the MLL mobile app gives a chance to enhance learning with its own internal assessments, crisp courses, and even things a child might have missed if he/she was on leave.

Extra-curriculars, separate pre-primary wing & more

What the physical teaching would've missed on is assuredly covered in the extra-curriculars and the innumerable activities planned for children. From numerous indoor and outdoor sports to art and craft, from language enhancing to skill development classes, from various clubs to summer camps — the modern school is ideal for your child.

Oh, and they have a separate pre-primary wing where they follow a pentaamine version, with all activities based on a multi-fold learning curriculum. MLZS ensures that children don't live in a monotonous environment, which is why engaging activities are focussed upon. They're aware that the formative years of students should be full of life and so encourage children to explore, with happiness as a key attribute.

Focus on mental health, cyber learning @ MLZS

Besides, the school has its in-house child psychologist, well adept and experienced, for MLZS prioritises mental health.

Like we mentioned earlier, financial learning, DCP (digital citizenship programme), guided social media learning, cyber knowledge, and more such practical skills are also included in multitude ways to impart education at the MLZS-way.

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