Lucknow’s premiere food festival ‘The Burp Fest’ returns this weekend only to make you burp louder this time

Lucknow’s premiere food festival ‘The Burp Fest’ returns this weekend only to make you burp louder this time

Lucknow’s most loved food festival ‘The Burp fest’ is back this year to hit your taste buds. Foodies of the town gather up because this year, it is going to be bigger with some awesome line of events lined up for you.

Lucknow has been the hub of delicious delicacies and world famous foods and so are the foodie folks here. Food is always our first love. To satisfy that salivated food hogging monster in you, the second season of much awaited ‘The burp fest’ is being organised on 14th & 15th October.

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Imagine your fantasy of being stuck up in a land stacked up with best food from your favourite eateries. Favourite dream. Aye! Its time it turns into a whimsical reality.

Mark the dates in your calendar and feast your inner self at the best food fest of the town. 14th and 15th October is going to be a gastronomical adventure for you. The event is going to be held at Chancellor’s Club. The entry fee to the fest is priced at Rs 200. You can grab the passes from Chancellor’s Club office or from Rollarappaa cafe.

The Burp fest in association with ‘Fratelli Vineyards’ is also hosting a wine Tasting session this time to give us a breezy thumbs up and enchant us  with some best wine on 15th October.

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Let’s put an end to your desires here and tease you a little more by introducing the best eateries that are going to fascinate you with their fine delicacies.

  • The Kebab express
  • Cappuccino Blast
  • Temptations
  • Keventers
  • Sagar Ratna
  • Nainital Momos
  • Peddlers
  • Al Kauzar, Delhi
  • Hot Kitchens
  • Planters Tea Bar and Café
  • Subway
  • Rollarappaa

What suits best with good food? A tinge of musical eve with a memorizing Sufi night with ‘Fareed Band’ on 14th October and a fully star loaded night with Akhil Sachdeva and his band ‘Nasha’.

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The fest will also tickle you with the presence of the guy who shuts up the entire nation, one and only ‘Kunal Kamra’. The guy in his perky tone has a niche to find comedy in our democracy and is one of the best standup giving huge laughs with questionable satires.

So let the burp get louder this time as Lucknow’s premiere food festival rolls in this weekend.

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