Lucknow's Royal Sky turns 8 today; be a part of the celebration & enjoy a 30% off till December 30th

Lucknow's Royal Sky turns 8 today; be a part of the celebration & enjoy a 30% off till December 30th


Before any of the major eateries of today had taken a seat, Royal Sky was one of the early contenders in the dine-out scenes here in Lucknow and ever since then, it has always held a special place in our food-obsessed hearts. Today is Royal Sky's 8th birthday and to honour the occasion, they've churned out a deal which is surely gonna make the upcoming days more tolerable for you, while also making your pockets heave a sigh of relief!

A birthday party that you should attend!

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You can avail a 30% discount on your total food and beverage bill here at the Royal Sky, till December 30th. Just the thought of sitting amidst their rooftop arrangement or the plush indoor area, wolfing down our favourite grubs and sipping on on our pegs, that too at a discounted rate, makes our hearts happy like no other.

From the classic curries and biryanis to the fancy sizzlers, a plethora of Continental, Italian and Chinese dishes, this restaurant has been catering to all our hankerings in the most delish ways! Their expansive drink menu too, always tempts us to stay in a bit longer.

So what we're saying is-

It's just the middle of the day and you can still plan out an early fancy dinner with friends or for your fam. You can even surprise your sweetheart with a surprise dinner date and we're sure that it's ought to gain you a few brownie points! So chalk out your evening, don your best apparels and head out for a fun night.

Location: 1st Floor Opposite Halwasiya Market, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Contact: 07408416415

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