Lucknow's SIPS Hospital is now providing free COVID medicines for economically deprived patients!

Lucknow's SIPS Hospital is now providing free COVID medicines for economically deprived patients!

The facility will be functional from 10 AM to 7 PM daily.

Attempting to ensure equal access to COVID medication for all, SIPS Hospital in Lucknow has started a counter to provide free medicines for infected individuals who are financially underprivileged. Through this initiative, all COVID patients will be able to procure medicines for 10 days without bearing the cost. As per sources, the process of medicine distribution will start at 10 AM and conclude at 7 PM daily.

Aadhaar card & positive test report prerequisites to get medicines

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In order to get the cost-free pack of medicines, an Aadhar card and a positive COVID test report have to be submitted at the desk set up near Gate no. 2 of the hospital. The mentioned documents can be provided by the patient's family member and the drugs will be provided only after verification. Launched with an aim to assure proper medication for all COVID patients, this scheme would benefit individuals from the economically marginalised sections the most.

If there is any query related to the provision of free medication, the hospital reception can be contacted at 9453015889. While the second wave of the pandemic is proving to be deadly for all, the problems of destitute individuals in our social sphere fail to garner the limelight like always. In such a situation, this step by the SIPS hospital is expected to provide relief to a large count of individuals.

Lucknow, the worst-hit district in Uttar Pradesh

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After hovering over the alarming 6K mark, the official figures indicated a dip in Lucknow's fresh case count but the healthcare infrastructure of the city remains overburdened by a worrying number of critical patients. On Wednesday, 3,759 new detections were recorded, taking the count of active patients to 46,596. Besides this, 6,214 individuals recovered from the fatal virus and 13 lives were lost on the same day. Given these figures, it is hard to predict if the virus will loosen its grip in the upcoming days.

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